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This show is valuable to adoptees and I want to help keep it going!

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I find this show really meaningful and I think it's important to keep sharing adoptee voices. 




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About Damon L Davis

Hi! I'm Damon Davis and I had the incredibly good fortune to be reunited with my biological mother after 36 years in adoption. Every where I go I tell my story and hear the stories of other adoptees who are searching for their biological relatives or have connected with someone in their family of origin. Their journeys are such emotional roller coasters of ups and downs, jarring twists, and unexpected turns. 

So this podcast is intended to do two things:
  • First to my fellow adoptees my hope is that the stories told here will help you explore your own feelings about adoption, accept your desire to try to understand your own personal history, and decide for yourself whether a search to connect with biological relatives is right for you.
  • For those who are not adoptees, this podcast will help you understand some of what is in the minds of your friends, family members, or others who are adopted, but you didn’t know if you should ask some of the questions that will be answered here. 
So, I hope you'll help me bring these stories to life with a little support. I love hearing and telling these stories and I hope you'll help me to continue to do so!

Thank you so much, 
Damon Davis
"Who Am I Really?" Podcast
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"Who Am I Really?" has introduced me to so many interesting people with fascinating stories of locating and connecting with their biological family members. I'm really excited to bring you more great stories, but a season of the show does have some  production costs that I would really appreciate your support covering.  Contributions will be used to pay for the podcasting platform, initial equipment costs, and monthly subscription fees that help keep the show going. Thank you so much!!
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