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is creating Artwork and storyverse-insights for the characters of WE3....
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*This is the Entry-Level Tier where for $1 I will email you the bodyframe-drawing for the Month that YOU CHOOSE from among the bodyframe-drawings for THAT MONTH. 

*Bodyframe-Drawings are the pencil-drawings of the various characters and troop-unit types of WE3. Their Faces and Heads are fully detailed. While their bodies are SOMETIMES left blank as if they are wearing a full-body suits! 

   While other Bodyframe-Drawings are FULLY-DETAILED!

*All are Pencil-Sketches ONLY with NO COLORATION.   



About WE3 (Williams Works Ebooks)

This patreon page is dedicated to the concept-artwork and storyverse insights for My WE3-website!
   All of My Artwork is all original character creations of mine.
   I'm still figuring all of this out as this is my first foray into actually using my artistic-talents for more than single-shot drawings for characters and stories I created long ago. 
   I've been told repeatedly "Make a patreon account! MAKE A PATREON ACCOUNT!!!!!" and so here it is!
   This page is going to be ever-expanding as I go and grow on what really is something that is really a long time coming!
   Initial rewards right now will be low-n-limited as I continue to build support and ultimately can transition away from Working-for-Others.
So without further adieu?
   I Thank You for Your Support!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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