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About Winsidr

What is Winsidr?
Winsidr is a hub for WNBA fans and the only site that exclusively covers professional women's basketball. We started because we are passionate fans-turned-journalists who noticed a dearth of quality coverage of the league we love. The NBA has so many outlets for their fandom, from salary cap podcasts to daily YouTube shows, and we want to bring the same honest and critical analysis to the WNBA. We've worked hard to cultivate sources that include players, coaches, general managers, and agents to bring you breaking news, features, analysis and our popular podcast.

What We Do
Each week we release two WNBA podcasts covering topics from game analysis to mock drafts to interviews with special guests. Past guests have included players Jewell Loyd and Renee Montgomery, as well as other well-known media members. Our website has daily articles including breaking news, features, and other breakdowns. Be sure to follow @Winsidr for in-game tweeting, live shows, and total coverage of the WNBA.

Why Contribute?
For less than a cup of coffee a month, you can directly show your support for the work we do. Our goal is to be full-time, independent WNBA reporters. Right now, we all have day jobs and run Winsidr in our spare time. We believe the players of the WNBA and its community deserve the same in-depth analysis and respect that men's sports receives on a daily basis.

Who We Are
Aryeh Schwartz, editor-in-chief, is a fan turned journalist. He brings the perspective of a diehard and is building a community for passionate WNBA fans to engage through social media.
Rachel Galligan, former pro player and coach. She brings knowlendge of the many aspects of the game from her years on both sides of the makeup of a team.
Gabe Ibrahim, Executive Editor and Chief Content Officer of, is a journalist-turned-lawyer (back to a journalist) and a huge basketball fan. Gabe provides deep analysis of the league using his reporting experience in college, legal skills, and love of the game.

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