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About WTBGold

Hey there, Goldmakers! I'm Reckles and I do WoW.
    For the past 5 years, I've been making gold guides so that y'all can spend less time grinding gold to eek out consumables each week and play the game as you see fit. If you can find something you enjoy, then you'll accidentally make more gold than you know what to do with. My job is to provide enough different methods that something will click. 

My brand is "adorably cringey"

     It's a surprising amount of work. Each 5-10 minute guide takes about 20 hours after research, testing, scripting, voice over, rough edit, transitions, final edit, youtube tags, closed captions. It's worth it though when Tom from Tennessee tells me that he was about to quit WoW after playing for 10 years, but then he came across a video of mine and his eyes were opened to this whole wide world of goldmaking he was completely oblivious too. There's so much to learn, and it's so gosh dang fun! It's just a video game, but I'm a firm believer that the speration between WoW and IRL isn't as wide as many believe. 
     All that said, I enjoy eating food and YouTube doesn't pay all that well (rule of thumb is about $1 per thousand views). Until the channel hits 5 million subs, I rely on direct support from you guys.

What is Patreon?
Patreon allows you to directly support channels that make those small impacts in your life. If you can afford it, and want me or any other creator to know that you're more than just a homogeneous view, show that support here on Patreon. :D You can set what you want, recurring or one-time, and cancel whenever. Here's a great video of the founder discussing why he started the site.

Patreon-Page Gold Tip 
Head on into Durnholde in Caverns of Time. There's a guy that walks along the path and sells Initiate gear. You know, the old items toons used to start with before the Cataclysm? Well these versions are transmoggable, so you can buy all of them from him for like 50g, and put them up on the AH for around 2k each. Since Durnholde is just the worst, no one goes here and you usually won't have any competition. :D

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