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Who Are We?
The “What’s Up With That?” podcast is your weekly source for all things Video Games, as well as engaging shows on random topics, with host Noah Richardson and co-hosts Carson & Bailey Richardson. We are focused on all aspects video games, movies, tv, random childhood memories and more! You can find all of our episodes online at:

Why Patreon?
We are dedicated to bringing our listeners the highest quality product we can. Your pledges per episode will help us cover our production costs, website and hosting fees, and help us continue to make new episodes and work on ideas like live episodes and comedy sketches. Your support is integral to keeping us afloat and able to create awesome content for you every week!

What's Serenity Inc.?
Serenity Inc. is the podcast network that we are on, we are actually the very first show launched on Serenity, but I highly doubt we’ll be the last. :D


Q: I've pledged! Where is my money going?
A: Thank you so much for becoming a patron, we look forward to working on amazing content for you. Your money goes two places, first Patreon takes a small fee for being an awesome service, second the money goes to production costs, equipment payments, and makings sure we pay our rent. Yes we have regular jobs, but this is our true passion and we hope one day we can make awesome things for you full time.

Q: How does a per-episode Patreon work? Why per-episode and not monthly?
A: Our Patreon is set to be per-episode, which means that we collect our Patron's contributions once per episode released. We chose this format for several reasons - there are sometimes months when we can't release our full slate of content, so we wouldn't want our Patrons to pay extra during off months or the holidays. The per-episode option is also the regular choice for almost every other podcast out there!

Q: What if you release more than 4 episodes a month?
A: Patreon is great with its flexibility for its Patrons. You can set a monthly limit to how much you donate, so even if we release 20 episodes in one particular crazy month, you won't get charged more than your maximum donation limit (note: we will never release 20 episodes in a single month). You can learn more here:

Q: I can't support you all because of my current finances, is there any other way to help out?
A: Absolutely! Aside from listening to the show every week, it makes a huge difference for us if you are able to share our Patreon with other listeners or your friends and family who might be interested. The more people we can reach with our podcast, the better it is for all of us.
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At 10 Patrons we will be having a huge patron-only recording session, the first 10 Patrons will be featured on the Season One Finale of #WUWT?
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