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About James Lyons-Weiler (Dr. Jack)

Where Can We Discuss What We Do Not Yet Know?
Energy. Health Care. Medicine. Gun Control. Censorship. Big Pharma. Wall Street. Vaccines. GMOs. Regime change. Conservative?  Democrat?  Independent?  You will find it hard to disagree with the analysis and commentary on current events by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler.  He is a proud REALIST with no agenda other than to find the limit of knowledge and what is knowable.  Is Science broken?  How far has regulatory capture and corporatism gone?  Is it too late?  Is the US a fascist oligarchy feeding the public news cycle after news cycle of mind-numbing PROGRAMMING designed to determine they way we think, and how we feel about issues?  It's about KNOWLEDGE, my friends.  The simple question "Waddya Know?".... can you even honestly answer that?  Thorough, in-depth analyses with guests who are told to share their limits of knowledge - to find out, together, what we do not yet know.

Example Podcast: Unbreaking Science
Don't look now, but most published studies in science are likely to wrong - and success in replication is not expected! Many thought leaders have suggested that Science is broken. We invest billions a year on scientific and biomedical research - so if Science is wrong so often, what do Scientist say the solutions are?  Meet Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD - who will share interviews with people working overtime to the help with Unbreaking Science. This includes scientists, administrators, philosophers, patients, and poets.  Is Science the best way we can understand the Universe?  Areas of interest will include Fraud, Scientism, Science-Like Activities, Biases, Climate Change, Pesticides, Lead Vaccine Risk, Treating Autism Symptoms, Nutrition, Teen Mental Health, Detoxification.  We're going Nitty Gritty with views on each topic like: is Science Broken? What are "Levels of evidence"? What is the replication crisis? Are we using everything we know? Fraud and other Science-Like Activities. Pseudoskepticism. More Biases! Publication bias. Power. Perverse Promotion and Tenure Incentives. The Media. Spinning Science. Sponsorship Bias. Transparency. Peer Review Open Science, Public Health Policy, and more. We'll play the game "Who Said That" and review relevant quotes.  We'll discuss anything and everything under Science (with a capital "S"!)
Topics like
  • What science has been hidden from the public on toxins?  
  • What about drug safety?  
  • HOW has this information been hidden?  
  • Which diets are tested by science?
  • What's happening in one area of science to reduce Science-Like Activities that other researchers in other areas can learn from?  We'll discuss the problems and solutions. This is going to be very smart program for very smart and curious people.  We will aim to make this accessible to the public - consider it a crash course on how to free your mind to interpret scientific studies!  Stay informed and educated, and be prepared to be informed!
    Listeners will become educated on how to critically evaluate published research studies - how to use rational criticism and logic - and how to spot and avoid logical fallacies - so your support of Unbreaking Science will give back a thousand-fold with empowerment!
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