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Anyone who gives anything is a sweet boy (even the girls). For giving your hard earned money to us you are giving us a piece of your heart and mind and in exchange we will grace you with your name being placed in the credits as one of our sweet boyz who support us. Thank you.

Oh! And you get exCLUSIVE access to extra content in the form of Fantasy and Stuff: Prepisodes. Lil' tidbits of conversation before we begin the show proper. Usually banter about things that don't matter, you know, like a normal podcast! You'll also get extra Wacky Smacks video content whenever it's available. All for ONE measly dollar. How cool is that!?

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Oh and also that other stuff. I would hope that's implied. So, uh, yeah.

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Wacky Smacks is a group of comedians and content creators whose sole purpose is to provide you with the purest, most intelligent, comedic video and audio content on the World Wide Web™.

Based out of Mobile, Alabama, Wacky Smacks was founded by two media geniuses known as Jack Riales and Cyan Stratton. They're so cool and awesome and didn't make up the name in like 3 seconds we swear, nope, nuh uh... nah.

You can EXPERIENCE Wacky Smacks on just about any major social media platform (results may vary*) or on their very own website, WackySmacks.TV. Come and visit anytime!
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