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is creating odd... ODD... pieces of art.
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About Walker Trips

Aloha, folks... and might I invite you to invest in the Rotten Oaks and myself, it's loopy ass landlord?
IRL I'm a single dad and on the cusp of starving artist. I create odd pieces- animated shorts, graphic designing for various streamers and video makers, gif pieces and am currently evolving a huge, continually added to animated intro for my streams which is opening a lore to be established for a much larger project. But time, food and time... and time.. are an issue.
  I dedicate myself to the projects I do to the point I will pull multiple all nighters in a row to finish them. Even when playing a video game I've usually got something rendering or exporting.

I'm registered blind, though what little sight I have is so askew that I always create things with an odd trippy feel to them, which has been found quite attractive and original to many folks whom I have now done pieces for. To name drop a few- THaC, Lady Top hat, Zaric Zhakaron, Pauliem30, James R Basterd and a hell of a lot more. With your help I can build something from very little and have the freedom to spill my odd talents on my own projects.
Also, you help make mine and especially my son's life, so much better. Cheers for your consideration. :)

I stream on twitch, accompanied by my 2 signature characters who have been with me for decades, Stitches (feline) & Pheeliks (the toad)- (both of which I do the voices for live XD) and have a series of cartoons uploaded for you to check out at your leisure.

Join me at the Rotten Oaks and I'm happy to have you as part of my odd little world, you lovely bugger!
Much love and taters.
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Earn a better life for myself and my son.
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