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About Walkinbird

Here's the story....
Star Wars
and The Lord of The Rings married 2001 and Star Trek

Someone might have predicted a failed marriage from that description
(instead, it is a story of triumph)

Yeah, but that's not why my family needs me to ask for your support 

I write. I write often. However, I do not get paid to write. My writing has been described as deeply evocative. My biggest goal is to publish my memoir. Certain fiction collections are on the horizon as well. But most important in marketing any book will be to prove that I have a fan-base.

My friends, my family, you think you know me, but I need you to know my writing. Will you read for me? I take on projects all the time, and I complete projects usually knowing a person or group is relying on its completion. With stories or poems, unless you brought the prompt to me, commissioning a piece, I wouldn't know you were hoping I'd write for you. This is what I would like this space to become.

And, attention, attention!  already available to you are the interactive stories, collaborative poems, and flash fiction within my Public portfolio on Writing.com.  

I have published content on-line here since August 2003. If you become as big a fan of this site as I have, you may want to JOIN

I also keep a blog Shadow Puppet Storyteller

For a long time I've remained a frustrated creative. It's a concept from Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan's Artist's Way workshops (and book). I have worked alongside educators, playwrights, actors, producers, musicians, graphic artists and advertising sales reps in a sometimes stressful, but always interesting, Nine to Five shadow play. But I am creative, and I want you to know it. Really, I want you to LOVE what I do. Also, I'm a Taurus, so seeing the financial support of my art is big on Maslowe's scale of meeting my needs!

So, now you know. I am not just a mild-mannered support person at a great metropolitan newspaper. I am descended from a famous Mohican. And I invite you to a great campfire where you prompt the stories -- May they be both truthful and infused with mystery.
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Year Two
Willing Raconteur and Volunteer Teacher (only slightly more serious in the teaching role) seeks supply stipend.
(And you do read, right?)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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