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As a child of seven he would wonder off the family farm, sitting on a rock on a wooded path far away from his house. There he would sit for hours watching the horses run in the fields. Numerous times his father would find him and ask “Where have you been son? Don’t you know your mother and I have been looking everywhere for you?!” to which Rocky would reply “I have been here looking at that house and watching the horses.” “There is no house or horses here son” his father would say. Though these statements were often dismissed by his family and friends, it was in fact his sister who came to notice years later that the house and subsequent horse stables later built by the family were not only in the exact spot in the exact field that Rocky used to sit and overlook as a child, but was built exactly as he had said he had seen it for years.
Now the fields are fenced and horses run free in them allowing their spirits to do the same. They are an inspiration, every single one. Some of them are between homes, some of them rescued and some of them in rehabilitation, but every one of them has a beautiful spirit yearning to be free and is a singular gift of their own. I have made it my personal mission to care for and love these animals as they embark on their journey in life.
If you would like to help in the mission of caring for these beautiful animals and restoring their spirit please donate to Rocky’s horses.
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