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About Wallace Stelzer

Hey folks, thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page! I’m a professional jazz bassist and music educator with a passion for video games and the soundtracks that bring them to life. Please feel free to learn more about me by visiting my personal website, or head on over to the Jazzvengers website to see what the band is all about! Wallace Stelzer Music (WSM) embodies the union of all of my musical endeavors. 

I run three free-to-watch series on my YouTube channel: Take Note aims at getting people to think about the music industry in new ways, Wallace Stelzer's Bass Lessons pack a lot of learning into bite-sized sessions, and the Jazzvengers bring video game soundtracks to life with unparalleled creativity and musicality. Your support will help me run the channel more efficiently, produce higher caliber videos at an increased rate of production, and even help the Jazzvengers set up a North American tour! Every contribution goes directly towards improving the channel’s quality, so let’s turn WSM into the best channel ever--together!


Running WSM is a very rewarding experience for me, as I love creating music and sharing knowledge with y’all. However, I currently manage all aspects of the channel myself. I write the scripts and draw the pictures for Take Note; plan, film, and edit each Bass Lesson; and act as both manager and musical director of the Jazzvengers. As you can imagine, this is a huge personal time investment, so I don’t know how long I can afford to keep the channel running at full speed without your support. Rest assured though—with your help, I will bring on new members to the WSM team to help run things, thereby insuring weekly uploads (minimum) and securing the channel’s long-term viability.
As a donor, you’ll be welcomed into the Sidekick Squad and gain access to my special, sponsors-only Patreon feed, watch videos and download mp3s before they’re released anywhere else, and decide what topics and songs I'll cover in my lessons and Jazzvengers series. I’ll also broadcast live twice a month in a Patron-exclusive stream* where we’ll discuss all sorts of fun musical topics. If you’re feeling particularly philanthropic, you can get your name in the credits as a sponsor, earn a free, private Skype music lesson, and even have a song written specifically for you!

*One livestream will be dedicated to the Jazzvengers: we’ll talk about what tunes y’all want to hear, announce the current song poll results and release the next one, and occasionally bring in guest Jazzvengers to answer questions! The second monthly stream will focus on music education, where you can ask me questions and pitch ideas for new lessons (and expect a few guest appearances as well).

Patreon is such a cool platform, as it provides me with unparalleled ability to connect with all of my wonderful supporters (yes, you!). It’s pretty fun to welcome y’all into my creative endeavors and share my experiences with you.

Thank you!!
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If we make $250 a month, I'll hire a bonafide professional artist to help produce my Bass Lessons and Take Note series, which will improve their quality and allow me to focus more on content creation! By reaching this goal, I'll also be able to provide some compensation to the talented musicians that take part in the Jazzvengers project.
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