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Once we hit the goal for it there'll be the once a month marathon stream, donating this tier means voting on what game will be played.
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Content Voting

Aside from my sincere thanks, donating this much lets you have a little more control over the content that comes out on the channel. At this tier you'll be able to vote on next LPs or special videos once we hit that tier.
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One time redeemable Tech Support. 

I've been doing the LP stuff for a while now, I have a good amount of knowledge of video recording and audio editing dos and don'ts.  Donate this much and I'll sit down with you and talk through some issues you have. I've dealt with video frame corruption, audacity crashing, and progressive audio desync.  There's usually an answer.




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About Wandering Newbie

I'm WanderingNewbie a long time LPer and video boy.  Whether it's an in depth post production video on a old NES game or a goofy stream with some friends just chatting it up, I put out high quality content.

Currently I'm juggling this hobby with a job that requires leaving at 9 am and sometimes getting home at 9 pm as well as frequent weekend work, sometimes finding the time can be difficult.  As of late I'm finding myself having to choose not to do what I love more often then I'm happy with.

I'd love to be able to do this more frequently and at a better quality for all. This would include better recording equipment and more new games.  The final goal of course would be doing this full time but I'll cross that bridge when I get close enough to see it.

Any support is appreciated and thank you for taking the time.
$20 of $75 per month
Hit this goal and I'll start doing a monthly marathon stream that will be voted on by patreons.  Marathon will last about 10 hours, generally on the weekends.
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