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is creating and researching Tabletop Role-Playing Games
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About Travis Gasque

Hello Internet! I am a researcher and designer of tabletop role-playing games, transmedia narratives, and augmented reality gaming. I've been studying and running RPG games for nearly ten years. I have done research at Georgia Tech, am a member of the Drunk and the Ugly Podcast, and attend conferences at GenCon and the Science Fiction Research Association (SFRA) discussing the RPG medium. I'm joining Patreon so I can better my ability to run and publish RPGs, travel to conferences, and expand the understanding of the tabletop role-playing game medium in the academic field. To this end, I need your help! So throw a few bucks at me if you enjoy it. If you're feeling daring and generous, join some of my higher tier rewards so I can attempt to spoop the heck out of ya and we can discuss the nature of interactive play.
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First off, thanks! This will help relieve some of my financial pressures. At this goal I'll post some of my "lost recordings" from my time before the Drunk and Ugly or when I was with the SciFi Lab Radio Show.
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