Klytus Media is creating Podcasts

$1 /mo

We'll be so grateful we can't even stand it, so we'll thank you out loud, on the show! (As we will all our patrons.)

$5 /mo
Bonus audio!

We'll send you special bonus material that we choose to send to patrons! Maybe we'll record a conversation not included on the show, or maybe Matt will make a ...

$10 /mo
Line-stepping privileges!

You'll get a thank-you, the bonus audio, and we will guarantee that we'll include your Every Story Ever list on the show OR answer your very important listener question!

$15 /mo

Everything listed above PLUS Keychains and stickers!

We'll thank you on the show, send you a fancy-as-heck logo keychain...

$20 /mo

In addition to all the rewards listed above, you'll get a fancy-as-heck new War Rocket Ajax t-shirt! (And maybe more than one as the months go by!)