Art of Warfare01 JSIRAKAS

is creating Fetish Glamour Photography & Mainstream 4K HDR
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Arts of Warfare
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 G-Rated SFW (Safe for Work) A Personal View of Photographs from all of the world. From Road Trips to beautiful unknown destinations that very few get a chance to get there or even notice.

Definitely Not a Cell phone or Selfie Shot.


WarParty Room
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PG13 QSFW (Questionable Safe for Work) peek behind some of the most unbelievable past events & parties that Your curiosity to go but never get a chance to do in real life. Supporting many fetish & local clubs around the world. An Off-Tier of photos & videos of the most talented dancers & performers  to spark return interest for more on way to WarRoom.
WarChest Room
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SomeWhat SFW ( Sort Safe for Work) Tease Semi 

A taste of Exotic beauties on your way to the WarRoom.

The silver membership gives you access to general WarParty Room  and access to the photos in the War Chest. 



About Art of Warfare01 JSIRAKAS

Based Washington DC NY FLA UK France Germany

I am Warfare01 - Published international professional fetish photographer

As I'm always behind the camera at social events or just enjoying the company at hand. I take things as they unfold & the experience that few get to see or live.

From Fashion Shows,Runway, Art Exhibits & Events to Behind the Scenes & Exclusive Photoshoot Sets & Video never seen before........with so many photos of the most beautiful people & places around the world that others missed or didn't get a chance to see.....I bring that exclusive moment that to you!

So Make a Pledge to enjoy such moments of our journey of seeing the world thru the camera lens that will help with travel fees & studio cost upgrades.....and of course to bring the most desired models to you.