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Nothing fancy here. You will have access to my discord, and thus me, and I may or may not discuss ideas with those who come there. I'll try to answer questions, and maybe we can polish things up.
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About Warfox

Leaving Earth -- My First Book Ever!

The Three Saints -- My Second Book Ever, and the Sequel to Leaving Earth!

I am a fearful person stepping out of their comfort zone and trying to prove to myself and the world that I am capable of more than I have shown in the past. I've spent fifteen years in some combination of roleplaying, gaming, and having arguments and debates, all the while working my ass off in a physical labor-oriented job that I once loved and have become disenchanted with.

My previous affection for my profession was largely due to the way it freed me up to think and take in information. It started with simple radio with BBC coverage of the wars at the early start of the century, and evolved into audio books, and eventually podcasts, which has become one of my primary ways of keeping up with the world. I also had my friends, whom I worked with for much of that time.

Business changes drastically altered the environment I worked in, and partially split me up from my friends(except for the weekly gatherings for our tabletop gaming group tradition), and largely soured me on the whole thing. That was almost two years ago. After some thought, I decided that changes would not just be forced upon me, and instead I would make changes for myself. I spent the previous year saving up money to take a gamble.

At the start of this year, as per my plans, I cut back drastically on my daytime work hours, recognizing that the job exhausted me to such an extent that it weighed down my mind and my heart. I needed distance from the drama-filled mess that a formerly enjoyable job had become. I cleared my head, explored my options, and revisited an idea I had abandoned in a previous year through a combination of lack of free time, energy, and raw procrastination.

I began writing. I utilized everything I'd learned about myself over the years to motivate and encourage myself. I found my work met my own personal standards, and received encouragement from perfect strangers. I've been working on the book for just about three months now. At this point I have produced 23 chapters of work, over 90,000 words, and have kept to a schedule of producing at least 4 to 7 chapters a month.Full Disclosure, I could probably keep this up, on its own, for another six months, if I was really careful about it and no emergencies came up. I will probably be done with the book within another 15 to 20 chapters. I don't want that to be the end of it. I want to work on a sequel, maybe many sequels. I have other book ideas I haven't yet developed that await time and energy being spent on them. I want to do this for a living, at least for the foreseeable future.

I am a fearful person, full of anxiety and paranoia. I feel it grip at the back of my throat as I write this. I have learned to do the uncomfortable things though. I have learned that nothing comes of never trying. I have felt the pain of regret over lost opportunities. I want to be better. I want to wield these fears in a positive way. I want to take things that have been my weaknesses and make them my strength. I am hopeful that people will think these efforts worth their while.
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It's a bit of a stretch, but this would more or less replace the income lost by me focusing on my writing over my job. No doubt I could survive on less, but this would maintain my relatively modest way of life and allow me to focus on writing and brainstorming without as much anxiety.
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