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About Wave Analysis

Let's Make More Money

Hi. Welcome to my Patreon page. It's a real pleasure to have you here.

I have been sharing my daily forex analysis and trade setups on Youtube since February 2018, and so far, we have done just great (to see my past trading performance, you can visit this page and go to the second tab named Trading History Report). The idea behind the Trading Group is to be able to provide you more trade setups, more content, more help, and hopefully more opportunities to make more money.

I will publish a couple of videos in this post to explain everything about the group deeply as soon as possible, but for now, I can give you the details down below to make clear what are the benefits of joining us.

The Benefits of Group Members:

• Trade Calls: When I take an action, such as placing a new trade or pending order, moving stop-loss, closing a trade, you will get a notification from Slack, which is the software we use for the Trading Group. We also have a channel dedicated to the trade-calls, so you can see all those transactions in one place. A screenshot from Trade Calls channel on Slack:

• Twice as Many Trade Setups: I share almost half of my new trade setups only in the trading group.

• Daily Live Webinars: Instead of videos like on Youtube, I make webinars in the group every weekday. So you can join them and ask your questions or we can take a look at some other charts.

• Daily Analysis Posts: Those posts are in image and text format and they are great, especially for those who can't attend the webinars or watch their recordings. Let's see how it looks like a daily post:

• Direct Communication: The group members can send their messages into the general-chat channel on Slack by tagging me or send me direct messages. In both cases, I receive notifications and reply to those messages as quickly as possible, most of the time instantly.

• Fully Featured Webpage: When you become a group member, you will be able to login to my webpage via Patreon, and you will be able to see all trade setups, current hotlist, our all active trades and pending orders.

The Benefits of Course Attendees:

If you choose to pay the whole course fee ($2400) monthly basis, it will take 12 months to complete the payment. After that, you will unlock the benefits down below. That being said, to unlock them, you don't have to wait for 12 months. You can make a lump-sum payment. In this case, you will get a discount of 20%. Let me explain how it works: If you choose to pay at once in the first place, you will pay $1920. If you decide to pay for the rest of the course fee after 3 months, the amount you need to pay will be $1800 and it will reduce to $1440 thanks to the discount. In this case, your total payment will be $2040 (1440 + 200 x 3 months).

• Lifetime Membership: You will become a permanent group member, which means you will stay in the group lifetime without paying anything ever again.

• Wave Analysis and Trading Course: You will take my course without paying any other amount of money. When you take the course, you will learn trendlines, Fibonacci levels, MACD, Elliott Wave Theory, and my wave analysis method, which is a new way of analyzing the wave structures even though it has been build on top of Elliott Wave Theory. You will not only be amazed by the accuracy of our forecasts but also be able to make it yourself. Forecasting is one part of our job, while the other part is trading. You will learn my trading strategies and how I manage my trades. But being a good trader is a long journey. Because what makes us successful traders is not what we know, it's how we trade. That's why you will need clarification when you get confused, mentorship when you make mistakes, and consulting when you ask questions. 

• Trader's Team Membership: When you start taking the course, you will become a member of our Trader's Team which is where you will get clarifications, consulting, and mentorship. As a smaller group of people who share the same knowledge, we all keep studying, experiencing, asking questions, finding answers, sharpening our skills, improving our analysis method, discovering new ways to make ourselves better, and trading together.

• Giving up Without Losing Money: If you giving up taking the course because of any reason, you will be able to stay 1 extra month in the group free of charge for each month you paid $200. For instance, if you choose to stop your subscription after 5 months, your total payment will reach $1000. After you stay in the group another 5 months without any payment, your total membership period will be 10 months. So the monthly subscription will cost you $100, which is equal to the basic plan's subscription fee.

I hope I see you in the group.
Meanwhile, trade with care, bye.

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