is creating community around late-identified and BIPoC autistic life.

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Your support will support the production & publication of a book collecting the experiences of autistic people of colour. Because awareness, acceptance, and access to our own narratives is nearly non-existent.

For supporting positive change for #AutisticPOC, your name will be listed as a founding patron in the book's acknowledgments! And, of course, you'll receive a copy of the book hot off the presses.
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About WeAreAutastic

Autastic.com fills the support gap left after diagnosis & provides guidance and community when exploring autistic life for the first time.

•  •  •

Hi! I'm Diane and I started Autastic.com in 2018, a few years after stumbling into that the realization that the many varied ways I experienced the world weren't just mine alone. That there were countless people out there who lived life through a similar lens. We just hadn't been able to see each other or ourselves.

So I decided to do something about that.

On Autastic.com and at The Autastic Academy, I built resources to show us who we truly are and built community to bring us together. I've dedicated my life to bringing you what I didn't have in those early years: stories told by people I could identify with, trustworthy, relevant information, and a community of peers where I belong. 

Your patronage directly funds:
  • The Autastic.com website and its resources created specifically for those who are new to their journey, 
  • The Autastic Academy's accessible, low-cost, live virtual social events where we can meet each other in community,
  • Our free Facebook groups where thousands of autistic adults gather and our where volunteer moderators ensure our spaces are safe, informative, and welcoming. 

None of this is possible without us supporting each other. A percentage of every donation is paid forward to a non-profit -- selected annually -- working to support equality, accessibility, equity, parity, inclusion, and belonging in neurodivergent life.

Thank you, be well, and be true to yourself.
Diane J. Wright, 
Founder, Autastic.com & The Autastic Academy
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I'll hire a neurodivergent website optimization specialist to improve delivery of our resources online.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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