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 your chill you get it you help out when you can and dont expect much in return but hey man pay it forward, i'll still do something for you like a random merc lottery and never seen content too but...

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your in touch not only with yourself and the universe but me too, always, i will always talk to you and message you back no matter what  

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your 3rd eye and pineal gland are free of any toxins and you get to see me figure out the direction of this news org, help work on stories with me and decide the direction of this news organization...

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you get a special crystal, whenever I can send you one or ill send you one that I wear and ill wash it and charge it in some ocean somewhere in the world

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damn dude, your crystal powers are out of this world, you get everything everyone gets here plus w/e else you want.

the slogan is "if you don't ask the answer is always no" and it go...