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About WeCopwatch

Hey there. This is Jacob Crawford of WeCopwatch. I've set up a Patreon account to help pull support for specific Copwatch / Know Your Rights material that I have been creating to incorporate into our Copwatch College online curriculum, our localized training handbooks, and our upcoming illustrated Copwatch manual.

If you support the work we have done in the field, then please considering supporting this Patreon account.  

Copwatch College Online
We are currently compiling our Copwatch College curriculum onto an online platform so that it can be accessible to anyone with a computer or a smart phone. The goal is to get this information out to the general public so that everybody know their rights, and everybody knows how to be a good witness/

WeCopwatch is a nationwide grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about their rights when interacting with law enforcement, how to safely and effectively document incidents, and how to de-escalate conflicts with the police. We also advocate for victims of police abuse. Through systematic trainings, education of trainers, and distribution of our Copwatch College/Know-Your-Rights materials, we seek to maximize our impact by working directly with vulnerable groups and communities. We believe that everybody should not only know their rights when being stopped by the police but should also be prepared to act when they witness questionable police behavior.

Members of WeCopwatch have filmed several high-profile police killings in recent years, including the deaths of Eric Garner in Staten Island and Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Our approach of combining education, advocacy, and empowerment both on-the-ground and remotely was recently featured in the documentary film COPWATCH, which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

While our primary focus is on the cities and neighborhoods where we reside, our members frequently deploy to critical incidents elsewhere to document evidence and connect with victims and witnesses. We have provided rapid-response and ongoing support to other cop-watch projects and initiatives in diverse communities, ranging from the streets of Ferguson, Baltimore, and Oakland to the prairies of North and South Dakota. We regularly and proactively conduct community trainings and support the formation of new cop-watch groups to ensure that local first responders are prepared when a police incident occurs in their community.

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When we have $300 a month, we will be able to produce our know you rights material internally. 
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