We Like Drinking is creating The We Like Drinking Podcast. Beer. Wine. Laughs.

The Happy Hour Macro Draft

$1 /mo
  • Access to our Patreon only feed.
  • Automatic entry into any and all contests and giveaways we have.
  • Get our Patreon exclusive rss podcast feed. You’ll get the weekly show o...

The Bottle of Beer

$3 /mo
  •  Videos ahead of public release
  • We’ve got stickers…..we’re gonna send you some. Some stickers you’ll only be able to get by pledging at this level or higher.
  • An official ...

The Pint of Craft Beer

$5 /mo
  • Access to the Jeff Solomon “cooking” video where he shares his award winning guacamole recipe. Seriously, this is the best guac. the best.
  • Get a vote in future sticker ideas via P...

The Glass of House Wine

$7 /mo
  • Get the Official We Like Drinking T-Shirt
  • All lower level rewards

The Bomber of Craft Beer

$10 /mo
  • Become our bartender. You pick the drink, you pick the person/people, they drink it on the show. If your drink is over $25/bottle contact us directly before making your donation.
  • ...

The Bottle of Wine

$20 /mo
  • Monthly google hangout with the panel. For those of you that simply can’t get enough of the WLD gang. We’ll setup a once a month hangout with all our patreons at this level. 
  • All lower level rewards