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"GOOD R U AWARD" for YOU from "We-R-Cars" - Very EXCLUSIVE! Only 77 available:

Your support is greatly appreciated as YOU are empowering us to CREATE new VIDEOS and we will be DELIGHTED to AWARD you and show YOU, our sincere GRATITUDE.

"GOOD R U AWARD" - Tier 1:

1) EXCLUSIVE "We-R-Cars" videos & live streams will be created and shared exclusively with our founding "77" patrons. YOU will be the FIRST in the WORLD to view this content. 

2) Wow! Yes, we will INCLUDE your name ( or nickname ) in the Credits on one of our most recent “We-R-Cars” YouTube Videos as the MOST PRECIOUS thing in the WORLD is YOUR NAME... and heck, a GOOD person like YOU supporting this GOOD cause, deserves some RECOGNITION and GOODWILL.

3) On our Social Media pages, we will AWARD you with a digital "We-R-Cars" thank you badge, thus showing the WORLD that we APPRECIATE YOU and that YOU are making a POSITIVE impact.

4) YOU will be joining a VERY EXCLUSIVE group, as only 77 people will get the above as part of this LAUNCH and is only valid for the next 2 months.

5) YEH! Once we reach 77… we will have an EXCLUSIVE online Q&A via ZOOM so that our " 77 Founders " can all interact and most IMPORTANTLY… so that we can meet YOU via a “Face-to-Face” virtual meeting and also get to THANK YOU for your support.

6) The BHAG [ Big Hairy Audacious Goal ] or The DREAM:
That OUR efforts & sufficient funding will enable "We-R-Cars" to create a world class "Green Screen Studio" plus also be able to purchase the best digital video creation gear, which will "TURBO-BOOST" our ability to produce AWARD WINNING content, that YOU and the WORLD will LOVE.

We will host 7 online premiere events per year and our " 77 Founders " will enjoy V.I.P access and have a DIRECT INFLUENCE on the "We-R-Cars" content i.e. YOU will be part of our "INNER CIRCLE" and shape the future success of "We-R-Cars."

P.S - Imagine seeing YOUR name and "We-R-Cars" in the Credits of a car show being featured as:
"Number 1 on YouTube" plus also screened on "NETFLIX" and produced by "We-R-Cars."

All of the above is do-able, with your support. "TOGETHER, we will ACHIEVE more." 

Yes, easily follow us via hashtag: #Patreon_WeRCars

Looking forward, to meeting YOU online soon. Sending YOU much LOVE and many BLESSINGS.

Warm regards
Craig Metrowich - Video Content Creator & Presenter at: "We-R-Cars"
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About We-R-Cars

"TOGETHER, we will ACHIEVE more." Yes, we can create INSPIRING content. Let's DO IT!
“We-R-Cars” new YouTube channel has been launched by Craig METROWICH who is known as a ” CAR FANATIC & SUPERCAR LOVER” of many, many motor cars, across various brands; having already personally owned more than 47 cars.
Craig has enjoyed being actively involved in the Motor Industry for many years in various roles as a former Dealer Principal, Independent Consultant, Accredited Motivational Speaker & an experienced Professional Sales Coach via his business U R POWERFUL Coaching [ www.URPOWERFUL.com ] which this month CELEBRATES over 17 years of service to various industries with this EXCITING launch of “We-R-Cars”

THANK YOU to EVERYONE that supports "We-R-Cars"

Sending YOU love and blessings:

Warm regards
Craig Metrowich


Email: [email protected]

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