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is creating FREE meal care packages for Black people in need




It is a terrifying time right now for Black people across the US. For Black folks in LA specifically, we are living under increased police presence, a 6pm curfew, and permission from our president to deploy the national guard and active-duty military troops to wage war on Black people who are standing up against Black genocide.
With all of this terror going on at this time, Black folks are either:

  • Feeling far too heavy and weighed down to cook
  • Cannot get access to food due to uncertain and harsh curfews that prevent grocery shopping AND food deliveries
  • Are busy mobilizing and organizing in our communities and sometimes go without eating
  • Getting publicly executed by police
  • Grieving the loss of loved ones due to COVID & structural racism
  • & /or so many more harsh realities. •
Our #WeStillGottaEat Initiative will be offering FREE, chef-made, farm-fresh meals to Black people in LA in order to provide a sense of sanctuary, care, nourishment, protection, and healing during this time. All meals are made with locally-sourced, mostly-organic, high-quality ingredients to give our folks a sense of being lovingly cared for when everything else feels so harsh and uncertain.

Can you help us with this initiative? Can you back us and challenge your family and friends to also donate and make sure Black folks have one less thing to worry about at this time? Can you demonstrate solidarity not just when Black people are dying, but when we are alive too?

Please spread the word and donate generously. We have a lot of people to feed and we are honored and humbled to take on this deeply meaningful heartwork. <3

599 of 1,200 patrons
Hello all! Thank you so much for being part of our #WeStillGottaEat Patreon family!

As you know, our #WeStillGottaEat Initiative is preparing and delivery HIGH QUALITY, farm fresh, healthy, mostly organic, lovingly-made meals & food items to Black individuals and families in need in the Los Angeles area, in order to offer a sense of nourishment, care, and reprieve during these moments of increase violence against our community.

Since our launch in June, the need for meals has increased SIGNIFICANTLY. This is due to so many reasons, including by not limited to: folks being laid off with less money for food and virtually no support, families struggling to provide meals for children who are newly at home due to school closures, loss of income, increased displacement, pre-existing unjust conditions, mental health conditions making it difficult to prepare meals, grocery stores with less product in stock, and SO many reasons. We want to be able to feed EVERYONE who requests meals, without having to turn away those in need, those who are neglected everywhere else.

We are HARD at work re-organizing our current infrastructure and protocols in order to efficiently expand our efforts with the resources available to us. However, initiatives like ours fill a long-standing void, and because of that are DEEPLY needed, yet continue to be underfunded, under resourced, and are expected to make magic with very little. Additionally, the momentum for the Black Lives Matter movement has slowed significantly, Black issues aren't trending as much anymore, and disappointedly, people are ignoring issues of racial injustice and food insecurity.

Amidst all of these challenges however, the #WeStillGottaEat team will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to continue this work! We care deeply about this work, and it is so sacred to us. <3 We have many families to feed and while we are humbled and honored to answer the call as best we can, an initiative of this scale requires an integrated, collaborative, community response in order to truly invest the time, resources, and funding necessary to radically shift the normalcy that is food injustice.

We need YOUR HELP to help us reach 1200 patrons. This will increase our capacity to truly engage in IMPACTFUL work for Black communities here in the city of Los Angeles. Please invite your loved ones and friends here to join us on Patreon! Will you share about us with at least one friend? We can’t do this without you <3 Thank you for being here and thank you for believing in the value of our work! Let’s get to 1200 Patrons, I believe we can achieve this! <3

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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