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Patrons get all of the benefits of Contributors and also get 20 minutes of 1:1 conversation with Sam. Whether you have questions that you do not want to ask in front of the group on the monthly calls, or you have questions about your life or meditation practice you think I can help with, or simply want to be a higher level contributor, the Patron contribution level is the way to go!




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About Sam Newland

Wealth and Wisdom is dedicated to providing valuable knowledge and stories for transforming lives for the better.

Wealth and Wisdom are essential for us to be free, to find our purpose, to create meaning, and to be happy.
In this podcast, we talk with experts across fields from finance to psychology as well as awakened people to understand all the ways and kinds of wealth (financial, love, friends) as well as wisdom to help us to cultivate an enlightened way of living.

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Once I have reached this level in monthly support, I will start posting videos of the episodes online.
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