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First of all - thanks for looking at my Patreon page!  I want to get that out and said in the beginning.  Without support from people like you, I wouldn't and won't be able to do this.

*Quick note: this project is strictly for my coloring book project.  If you are interested in my other artwork I have a separate Patreon project for that at Lucy Moore Art where you can find both traditional painting, sculpture, and digital art.

A little about me as an artist:

I am an artist with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (my concentration was Studio Painting).  I have been actively creating art in one form or another since 1997 and began focusing on it as a career in 2008.  I have a background in oils, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and drawing, but I am self-taught as a digital artist.  

I came by art naturally as a child.  Both my parents were artists of their own type.  My mother a fine artist who supported the family with her art as a member of the art department at the electric company and also doing weekly art shows selling her pen and ink drawings, watercolors, and more.  My father also did artwork and sold at these weekly art shows; his being metal sculptures, while he worked as an engineer.  I grew up with this sort of "starving artist" life style for the large majority of my very young life.  When I was an early teenager, my mother took an early retirement/severance package from the electric company and set up her own studio.  In the process of that, she returned to the weekly-ish art show circuit again as well.

As I went away to school for college, I had a determined in my mind that I was not going to do art because I was so much like my mother in every other way, I didn't want my family saying I was copying her with the art as well (I already looked and had the same mannerisms as her, was going to the same university as she went to, studying the same subject seemed to be just too much.)  I went with the intention to be a biochem major (I loved science) and to go into Bio-remediation (saving the world using things like algae to eat oil spills, etc.)

College was a culture shock to me, and I ended up searching and soul searching, and finally after several other departments and just not finding my heart and soul in them enough to be happy for the rest of my life, I took my very first art course (everything to that point had been self-taught, or taught by my mother) and I was in love.  I ended up with enough credits to major in both Studio Art and Art History, but I chose Studio Art with a concentration in painting.

Life happened after college, and over the years I started a business ( Interlocked Solutions) and created art on the side.  I really would like to have my art be more my day to day financial support and rely less on the business so that money can be saved for a rainy day, and the next big goal I have planned.

What is my goal with Patreon?

I have many paths working towards the goal of my art is my day to day financial support - this project is specifically for pledging to my up and coming coloring book series.  I have several collections already started and I want to bring them as a finished product to the public. I also have a desire to create much more.

These coloring books would be available both in print (for those who really want the old school style), and digitally to allow colorists/artists to make their own beautiful pieces of artwork from them.

The Plan!

I want my coloring books to be distributed for people of all ages (yes, adults like to color too!) The goal is that the books will be unique because they come with an unlimited print option. The coloring book is purchased once, and you can print individual pages from them as many times as you like - forever! The art is unique because it will not be available anywhere else aside from Patreon and the coloring books themselves.

Your role as a Patron will allow me to afford to do that and will give you some great rewards in the process!  Depending on the tier, you can get downloadable pages, access to art live streams, commission original artworks, etc.

There will be coloring books of specific subject collections, each one of them taking approximately 100 days to create because I will only compile a book with at least 100 unique images.  Each of these images will have 3 main variations on them (basic, intermediate, and advanced.)  Each of those variations will have 6 further variations - patterned (think zentangle or henna designs), paisley patterns (think fabric like a quilt), mandala versions, page doll / sticker book style, gray scale, and a light gray version to allow coloring without the bold black lines and also allow you to edit the image while coloring.  This means each coloring book will have 100 unique designs in 48 versions meaning a coloring book will have 4,800 MINIMUM images!  

There will also be an "Everything!" coloring book which will be a massive grouping of every coloring book page I have designed each year which will include some from books not yet released.  Currently, I have coloring books already in the designing stage for unicorns, farm animals, horses, and dragons, aliens, and tree houses. I would love to do ones for birds, trains, angels, abstract designs, scenery, dogs, and many other subjects.

My goal is to produce an average of 10 finished images per week, but this takes time and time needs to be spent where it is most financially responsible.  Sometimes I might go a while without an image if I am having to scramble to find work in my business, or a client has a huge project.  I will keep updating via posts alerting you to the status of the work being done on specific pieces (but they are not necessarily the only ones I am working on at the time.)  I am just posting about one image at a time until it is completed through the entire range of versions.

What this means for you is eventually, the works will be completed in what appears a shorter window of time as my efforts are constantly being focused in a wide range of areas.  When the one I am working on now is complete, I may well have 2-3 versions of another done, which can and will be released to you as a patron, and so on until there is relatively no time between completion of one and another.

If you check my goals, there are milestones that promise more art at a faster pace.  This is because I can relax that much more about keeping my business going (continue providing support to current clients, less time looking for new clients, etc.) and put that extra effort into my art.

Here are some other coloring page ideas I have been developing:

Milestones Reached!

he following milestones have been reached and I have included more information about them:

$50.00 Comment Drawing #1
This was completed and uploaded on 2/5/2014. You can still purchase products based off the art. View it at

Why I am looking for patrons!

I work full time as a business owner/Virtual Assistant, and I love my job - but my dream has always been to be able to support myself through my art.  Patreon is an excellent way for me to approach that goal.  W
hen it comes right down to it, I am asking you to pledge to help me create a dream, to pass on fun, creativity, and enjoyment to people of all ages, and to look at your pledge of any monthly amount as an opportunity to nurture and grow the arts in all its various forms.  In the process you will get to interact with me as an artist, you can receive copies of the finished coloring books, and will get to download the art as soon as it is finished before anyone else has access to it.  Every patron is appreciated from $1.00 all the way up.  I look forward to sharing with you!

The first thing I do with the money from Patreon is helping make sure our family's minimum needs are met. Whatever is left over is currently allocated towards designing and building a website to help advertise and eventually sell the completed coloring books in the series.  Have no doubt that the money you pledge to this project is deeply appreciated and well needed/used.


Used to be that you could see a list of the goals I was working towards, and how close I was to them.  I think that is important to someone who is considering putting money towards something like my project - to know how and where it is going to be used.  Since that option is no longer available in the side bar, see below a register of the goals and what dollar amount I will be able to complete them at.

$50.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level) Goal Reached!
$200.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level)
$300.00: I will produce a minimum of 20 completed image files per week.
$400.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level)
$500.00: I will be able to get a professionally designed website
$750.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level)
$1,000.00: I will be able to produce 30 completed image files per week.
$1250.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level)
$1,500.00: I will be able to purchase some improved equipment for better interaction, live streaming, etc.
$2,750.00: Random comment drawing for a print of your choice (anyone can enter regardless of patronage level)
$3,000.00: I will be able to produce art full time, producing a minimum of 10 finished image file per day (70 per week)
$5,000.00: Affords ability to travel to do shows, meet & greets, and to do special artwork based on locations

$0 of $50 per month
I will hold a random comment drawing for a print based off one of my coloring book pages to date. Anyone can enter regardless of level of patronage.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 20 exclusive posts

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