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You're a Kitten! Everyone's favorite age of Cat! Just look how cute you are!

(your picture is that of BamBam and Pebbles. These two were brother and sister who came to love playing and just enjoying life. they were adopted almost as soon as they hit the pet store.)

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You're older than a kitten but not quite a cat yet. A Catten! Don't worry people still love you!

(This is Ernesto, he is the sweetest little Catten you will ever meet. Wants cuddles and then decides it's playtime and then he is off.)

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Welcome to your prime! You have just graduated to Adult Cat. Beautiful, Elegant, and most of the time a pain in the bottom. You are perfect in every way. 

(This Picture is of our lovely Dolly. She enjoys the finer things, food, bed, and batting at your head as you walk by.)



About West Side Cats

West Side Cats first opened its doors in 2008. We are a non-profit, no-kill rescue and adoption facility in Youngstown, Ohio, founded by individuals who didn't want to volunteer for kill shelters any longer. We take in injured and disabled kitties, kittens that are blind, missing limbs or have been born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (a birth defect that affects balance), but we will also take in kitties living in dangerous circumstances. We outgrew our first location and moved to our current facility in 2010. With the exception of those being cared for in our clinic, all kitties await adoption in colorful, open rooms with plenty of beds and toys. Our shelter has several climbing trees, including a huge wood tree upstairs where there are also climbing walkways. Although we primarily serve Mahoning County and surrounding areas, people have come from other states to adopt our kitties. Every year we place between 300–900 cats and kittens up for adoption.
We can only do this with help from people like you! Thank you!
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When we hit 50 patreons we will host a monthly live stream of the shelter and play with our kitties.
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