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  Hello and THANK YOU for stopping by our Patreon page! If you've never listened to the show before, here's a quick description.

   If you're a reader of Marvel Comics then the title might stand out to you. Marvel's What If... comics inspired this podcast. In each comic, the writer would introduce a minor difference into the characters reality, and for that issue you get to watch the butterfly effect of that change play out.  We do the same kind of thing in our podcast but we look at twists on our own reality and spend about an hour discussing the effects on our world. We've asked on past episodes, "What If...Animals Could Talk?!" and "What If...The Fountain Of Youth Had Been Discovered?!" and found ourselves looking at realities more different than we could've ever imagined.

 We are here because we need your support. Though these episode's are a lot of fun to produce, they are not free to produce. Your support helps us pay for web hosting bills, advertising, better equipment, and possibly performing live! So what will your support get you?

 What If... posts for free every other week online wherever podcasts are found, and every other opposite week right here on Patreon. Unlike the free episodes, these episodes are, and will always be, commercial free. For $5 per month you can turn your What If... listening experience into a weekly one. So go ahead and click that BECOME A PATRON button and get access now and don't spend your days asking, "What If...?"  THANK YOU for taking the time to check out our page!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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