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Since the beginning of 2014 I have been writing a blog with reviews of books. Recently I upgraded it so that I could write and talk about more of my interests. What started as "Felicity Reads" has become "What A Nerd", is something I am proud of, and I love to work on it. 

Getting paid to do what you love is hard to do, lets be honest about that. I have always dreamed of getting paid to read, write and share opinions about the things that I love. I'd written reviews on just books for 4 years, and I am looking forward to reviewing and talking about thing such as video games, various products/items I use, cosplay, craft stuff, etc. The support you give will go directly to supporting me and the site as a whole. My blog is all about reviews, writing and opinions. I have also recently brought on a second writer to give different opinions and to help covering additional content.

First I would love to be able to get my own domain. Currently I am using Wordpress as a free service, which is great, but would love to be able to purchase the rights for my blog to have it's own domain. In the ideal world, I would be setting up a domain through an independent hosting site. I am currently shopping around to see what place would be best to do this through, and has the best deal for my money.

Second, it would go to buying equipment and items for me to use for the blog. This will range from books/games, to internet/phone service, to a better camera to start creating videos, to maintenance on those things listed and my computer. I would love to review a wider range of items on my blog. With the recent decision to expand what we write about on the blog, we have more options of things that we can get.

Third, it will help us be able to spend more time working on the blog which means expanding the content we currently provide. For now there are reviews, occasionally news posts, and opinion posts. We would like to be able to dedicate more time to the blog so that we can do video reviews, interviews with authors/developers/cosplayers, post some of our own writing/projects, giveaways and do more news related content. With being able to spend more time on writing for the blog, we will be able to have more than one post a week as well. Currently we post every Saturday, with a random post on Wednesdays when we have non-review content. It would be great to make the Wednesday posts a more regular thing, or even add a third day if we have the time to do so.

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After we have reached $150, we will be able to buy the domain for the site and get it independently hosted! This will not only help us, but will make things easier for you as a reader because we can control ads shown, and refine things on the site as a whole, making it easier to navigate.
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