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The Whateley Academy story Universe is a shared setting developed more than fifteen years ago of a near parallel Earth in which unknown forces had begun spontaneously allow teens to manifest paranormal, superhuman abilities. While most mutations do not reach a degree similar to those appearing in comic books; they are sufficiently powerful enough to be dangerous in controlled young hands (or minds). Paranormals of other sorts exist in that world, but typically only adults wield those powers. To help guide these newly powerful youth, some of the most powerful heroes and villains have established a school where they can learn control in a (relatively) safe environment. The Whateley Academy is that place.

It is neutral, teaching skills and classes that will benefit both the law abiding... and those who choose otherwise. And the students and their families are protected, off limits to those who would use them as pawns (or hostages). Considering that the Board of Trustees include some of the oldest and most powerful heroes AND villains the universe has seen... makes even the most powerful governments behave.

Nearly twenty authors have added to the canon collection over the years since the first stories were released (in August of 2004) and many more have written fan fiction and fully developed non-canon pieces. The canon collection currently approaches 13 million words. Non canon stories probably amount to another 5 or 6 million.

While ALL the stories are freely available for reading, running the site to maintain the collection and support community forums has a price tag. To date, we've been able to sustain this through free hosting or using advertisements; but we'd like to make an attempt to move away from those limitations. Should our income rise high enough cover the basic features and server upgrades, we move towards additional site growth options (marketing and site redesign to support higher traffic and mobile access), as well as compensating the administrator for the time to maintain and develop such things. 

If patronage is really supportive, we'll do what we can to reward the authors for their work, hire professional editors, and so forth. Just be aware that at this moment, patronage here is for the site and support structure and NOT the stories and authors. You get those for free.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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