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What The Tech is a podcast hosted by Paul Thurrott from Thurrott.com and Andrew Zarian the Founder of the GFQ Network

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per Episode of What The Tech
per Episode of What The Tech
Milestone Goals
1 Milestone Goals
Monthly Live call in show (Bonus Show)
$500 per Episode of What The Tech
If we reach this goal we will start doing a monthly call in show. You can call and discuss any topic you want with Paul and Andrew.
Ad Free Podcast
$1,500 per Episode of What The Tech
No more Ads. Enough said!
Ad Free Live stream
$2,500 per Episode of What The Tech
No more Mid Rolls, No more Pre Rolls. No more interruptions from our content partners. It costs a lot of money to offer a ad free live stream (surprisingly) This is something we really hope we can do. I know how frustrating it is for you guys to watch with ads every 15 minutes.
Qualify for monthly giveaways
$5,000 per Episode of What The Tech
As a thank you to all our supporters we will do a monthly product give away. This can be anything from a Surface to a Xbox One
New Studio and Remote Live Shows
$9,999 per Episode of What The Tech
We would upgrade our setup and work on doing Live Shows in NYC. Anyone can come and watch. P.S It will most likley be at a bar.
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Queens, NY, USA

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Over the past 3 years Andrew and Paul have been working hard to entertain all of you. As we continue to grow, we need the help of our dedicated viewers. We are striving to limit the amount of advertisers we put on each podcast. Our goal is to finally offer ad free live streaming, and only put one opening ad on What the Tech (most likely Audible, since the viewers love Paul's Audible picks...). We know you guys are sick of the mid roll ads that many of our distributors place on the live stream, and so are we! In order to realize our dreams, we need your help!

We are asking for $1 a show, there are 4 shows a month, bringing your monthly total to a $4. That’s it! That little! That simple! I truely cannot think of anything I could buy for $1, that would be worth more then supporting my favorite show and doing my part to get rid of pesky ads. Every little bit helps and gets us closer to our goal of bringing you high quality ad free broadcasting. That being said, a lot o’ bit helps even more! Feel free to donate as much as you would like, and help get us to our goal even quicker!

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