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What The Trans!? is a UK-based weekly podcast with news and interviews, made by and for transgender and non-binary people. We fact-check, raise voices from our community, and top it all off with a generous helping of snark.

The UK trans community has been attacked. As transphobia dominates the media, we want to fight back by debunking lies, sharing news, and keeping our audience well-informed about what's happening.

We started this podcast in 2018 and we have already produced some pretty great content. We cover all kinds of topics, from Pride events and film festivals to politics, healthcare, intersectional feminist issues and trans representation in video games.

We strive to offer our platform to trans and non-binary people (and indeed anyone who isn't cis!), and we have an open-door policy for people of colour who meet the 'not cis' requirement to come on the show and talk about whatever they want. (Except for hate speech and bigotry, of course... Not that any of you lovely people would ever do such a thing!) We also have a once-a-year Cis Allies Special to celebrate some of the awesome allies fighting for equality alongside us.

This year, when coronavirus led to lockdowns, we started a Discord to create a supportive social space for isolated transgender, non-binary, intersex, genderqueer and questioning people. With hundreds of members, we think it's safe to say we've helped a fair few people!

Also, thanks to the support of our audience, Michelle was able to get her ADHD diagnosis - and that led to us taking on a new producer to help organise everything and spread the workload a bit. We also gained a group of audio editors who give their time to make sure episodes sound fantastic.

We all love being there for the trans and non-binary community, which is why we changed from being a fortnightly podcast to a weekly one, and why we chose to run an online social space during this unprecedented weirdness. We put in hours and hours of work every week, but at the moment we meet our hosting costs but can't afford to pay any of our team.

With your support, we can work towards our fair pay funding goals - we want to be able to pay everyone who works on What The Trans!? minimum wage (£8.76 per hour). If you become one of our Patrons, you'll be helping to ensure that our team of trans and non-binary talent get paid for all their hard work making the podcast the best it can be!

Patrons also get access to a whole range of rewards, including end-of-episode shout-outs to all the people that make what we do possible. We also offer thank-you cards, monthly ten-minute minisodes, Q&As, live video chats, and even balloon modelling lessons from Michelle. Why not check out the reward tiers and see what appeals to you?

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Fair Pay Funding Goal - Pay Jo too!

At this level, we'll have enough money to cover our overheads, pay Ashleigh, and pay our producer Jo £8.76 (minimum wage) for each hour of work they put into the podcast.
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