When Diplomacy Fails Podcast is creating History Podcasts for History Friends!

Tribal Warmonger

$1 /mo
You certainly pack a punch, but you're merely a gadfly in a world of great powers...

You get:

  • All WAR FEED privileges.
  • Access to BEFIT free, ...

Supplicant Vassal

$2 /mo
You're not going it alone anymore, but protection has its price. You trade your independence for your security, although you still dream big...

You get:

  • All AX...

Scheming Ally

$3 /mo
Best friends? HA! I bet you say that to all of your enemies! I respect your knack for intrigue, but I've got my eye on you...

You get:

  • All WAR FEED

Leader of the Coalition

$4 /mo
The diplomatic initiative has passed into your hands, and your interests are pushed ahead of all others. What you do with this power is up to you...

You get:

  • Al...

Diplomatic Genius

$5 /mo
You've transcended the mere quarrels of states, and you now control their destinies. We depend upon your expertise.

You get:

  • All XTRA FEED priv...

Envoy Extraordinaire

$7 /mo
So renowned are your exploits that we feel obliged to send you across the world on important tasks only your set of skills can guarantee...

You get:

  • WDF...


$10 /mo
You can be entrusted with even the most sensitive of stately matters. Your record in the service is almost as legendary as your generosity, which of course I really appreciate!
You get...

Permanent Under-Secretary

$15 /mo
You know what you're capable of, and what you like and don't like - your support proves your loyalty and value to the cause of history and of course this humble pod!

You get:


Axel Oxenstierna

$18 /mo
Through every challenge, you persevere with grace and skill. A survivor, a negotiator and a fighter, you have a made an undeniable impact on us all.

To celebrate our...


Foreign Secretary

$20 /mo
You make WDF possible. You are the greatest listener that ever lived. A history friend apart from the rest.
You get: 
  • All upcoming books signed.
  • One t-shirt of your c...

Catherine the Great

$22 /mo
All your wiles, all your cunning and perhaps a little bit of luck have been invested here; now let's see what we can do with them!

You get:

  • An exclusive Catherine the Great...

Cardinal Richelieu

$25 /mo
Peace is optional, caution is essential, and you only throw your weight behind the most secure of causes - the King of France and I would be lost without you!

You get:

  • An e...

Queen Elizabeth I

$27 /mo
Even when prospects seem bleak and people doubt your methods, your results cannot be denied. I for one am honoured to make your acquaintance.

You get:

  • You can propose

Lord Derby

$30 /mo
Nobody can deny your wisdom. You command the respect of all, since it is because of you that this ship of state keeps sailing, and for that you have my eternal thanks (never mind what Disraeli ...

Maria Theresa of Habsburg

$35 /mo
Your passion, your ability, your strength -all of these are qualities I value immensely. That you choose to invest them here suggests that you have big plans indeed for this podcast, and I can'...

Prince Metternich

$40 /mo
Who can measure your skill, your wit or your intelligence? You rarely put your support behind a cause, but when you do it's with a passionate force that Vienna and I are indebted to. You are a ...

I, Bismarck

$50 /mo
Essentially, you are the boss. When you walk down the street you can hold your head up high, since you are a shareholder in this baby of mine, and a supremely...

Grand Hetman of the Crown

$100 /mo
We depend upon you, and you never let us down. Never mind making history thrive, you are going above and beyond, and thanks to you, history has been saved.

You get:


History Friend For Hire

$1,000 /mo
Zack Twamley, BA, MA at your service. 

Woah, what's this now?! Settle down for a minute there and allow me to explain. 

If you are a business, or perhaps ...