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You are now a part of making Where There’s Smoke happen. You have our eternal gratitude, and more importantly are giving to help others.

In addition to new episodes of Where There’s Smoke, you get:
  • Exclusive access to the new WTS bonus show – WTS BTS* (at least once a month - coming in 2021)

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Stands for 'Between Two Smokes' ?… or 'Behind The Smoke'?… or maybe it's Brett & Nick singing Korean boy band songs? [TBD]


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About Where There's Smoke

Hi Explorers!
Brett and Nick here.

We want to keep making Where There’s Smoke episodes, as long as you want to keep listening. But… we need your help.

Since January of 2015, when Nick moved halfway across the country and moved into Brett's spare room in San Francisco, we've produced over 73 episodes of Where There's Smoke.We've been featured by The A.V. Club, Apple Podcasts, and Pocket Casts; and been named one of the 25 best podcasts to ‘Transform Your Morning Commute’ and the #1 Most Inspirational Podcast That Will Make You Better.

And most important to us, we’ve been told by listener after listener after listener that our podcast helps you. That it makes you feel less alone. That it inspires you. Entertains you. That it gives you tangible, actionable things you can put into practice. And that it helps you be a better human being. We are humbled and honored to be able to have this impact.

To keep making new episodes, we need your support.

Each episode takes hours of research, writing, editing, and we've learned there's simply no shortcut to making the show we want to share with you. Early on, we found a way to balance our professional lives and families with this passion project, but as our families and responsibilities have grown, it's becoming harder and harder to prioritize this project (and the hours and hours) without some sort of income attached.

What we need.

Our goal isn't to rake in money, become eccentric billionaires, and then start a colony on the moon. (Although, now that we mention that...) Instead, we just want to be in a healthy position to prioritize Where There's Smoke and continue to put our heart and soul into the project. We're both busy guys and, frankly, we'd much rather work on this show than some of the other things that the world throws at us. So, that's why we're asking you for help.

Will you support us for a little as $5/month?

Now because you are our listeners, we know that you are givers; and that you want to contribute positively to the world. But because you are human beings, we also know there is a part of you saying, “Well, what’s in it for me?”

How do you benefit from supporting Where There's Smoke?

  1. We will continue to release new episodes. This will happen because we will be able to prioritize the show. Rather than accepting other business and then fitting the show in when we can, we can pass on things that might get in the way of producing this show.
  2. More cool stuff! I mean who doesn’t like more cool stuff. So even though many have told us the show is enough, we are giving you more. This includes an exclusive new bonus show in the off-weeks of WTS; t-shirts; surprise gifts in your inbox and your mailbox, and even a chance to get each new episode early!

What’s the next step?

Check out 6 Tiers available, and support at the level that feels best for you.

That's it!

Thanks for supporting. We love you. We'll see you next time.

Learn more about Where There’s Smoke and all their episodes at www.wheretheressmoke.co

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