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About Where There's Smoke

Hi, Explorers! 
Brett and Nick here.

Since January of 2015, when Nick moved halfway across the country and moved into Brett's spare room in San Francisco, we've produced over 35 episodes of Where There's Smoke. It's a weekly process that we simply love to undertake - it's fast-paced, it's rewarding, it's terrifying, it's challenging, it's... great! We've been featured by The A.V. Club, iTunes, Pocket Casts, The Timbre, We've been so humbled and honored to get to spend each Tuesday with you and we look forward to continuing to do so.

Wait. What is Where There's Smoke?
It's a weekly podcast that explores self-development through the lens of current events, pop culture, and experience. Each episode tackles a concept (curiosity, procrastination, hustle) and then wriggles around through research, interviews, pop culture homages, unique stories - whatever it takes to understand these topics in new ways.

Help us say "YES" to Where There's Smoke!
Each episode takes hours of research, writing, editing, and we've learned there's simply no shortcut to making the show we want to share with you. At the moment, we've found a way to balance our professional lives with this passion project, but as the show grows, it's becoming harder and harder to balance everything. By asking you for support, our goal is to say "no" to other projects so that we can say "YES, A THOUSAND TIMES, YES!" to Where There's Smoke!

Basically, we want to keep making Where There's Smoke.
Our goal isn't to rake in money, become eccentric billionaires, and then start a colony on the moon. (Although, now that we mention that...) Instead, we just want to be in a healthy position to prioritize Where There's Smoke and continue to put our heart and soul into the project. We're both busy guys and, frankly, we'd much rather work on this show than some of the other things that the world throws at us. So, that's why we're asking you for help.

Sounds great, you two. However, I've never heard the show. Which episodes should I check out so I understand what I'm getting into? 

Our episode structure changes from week-to-week, but here are some fan favorites that you might enjoy:

Believe It or Not (Gratitude) - Brett explores how he can best honor those who have given so much.

The Way It Is? (Taste) - Nick and Brett try to understand what makes something "good" and "bad". Additionally, Nick shares his harrowing experience with Celine Dion.

A New Type of Hustle (Stillness) - Released 40 years after the hit song, "The Hustle", this episode tackles our modern obsession with "go go go".

Back to The Road Not Taken (Choices) - What happens when you combine Back to the Future Day and the 100th anniversary of Robert Frost's famous poem, "The Road Not Taken"? You get an engaging exploration of the very nature of choice.

The Devil You Know (Procrastination) - While planning  and struggling to complete their season two premiere, Brett & Nick discover how and why we procrastinate. (Our most popular show.)

We will continue to publish three new episodes a month (with the occasional break). This is what we've always done. In fact, we went 29 straight weeks without missing a single show (and that included a week when both Brett AND Nick moved thousands of miles apart!).

How do I benefit from support Where There's Smoke?
Well, the most important thing is that we'll be able to prioritize the show. Rather than accepting new business and then fitting the show in when we can, we can pass on things that might get in the way of producing this show.

We are super appreciative for any support you can provide. However, if you can pledge $15+ a month, you can be a member of the official WTS Explorers Club! We'll email you about show ideas, provide the occasional sneak peak into what we're working on, and offer shoutouts to various members of the club in the show. Additionally, you'll get to share your opinions on some sweet swag we've got coming in 2016.

That's it!
Thank you for the tweets, emails, iTunes reviews, whatever you've done to support the show. We're so thankful. All we want is to continue to prioritize Where There's Smoke and we feel good that we'll be able to do that. 

Until next time:
"Thanks for reading. We love you. We'll see you next week."

More About Where There's Smoke
Where There's Smoke is a weekly podcast produced by Brett Gajda and Nick Jaworski. For more information about Brett, visit 
BrettGajda.com [NEW website Jan 2016]. To learn more about Nick, visit PodcastMonster.com.

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