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The "I'm Giving Up a Cup Of Coffee A Month" Club!

You are supporting us, and that's huge. Thank you. For five dollars a month, you are helping us to prioritize production of Where There’s Smoke over other less exciting or interesting things in our lives. Plus you'll get access to the Patreon-only feed, where the community centralizes and everything gets posted and talked about. And think, this is about the cost of some fancy drink from Starbucks - and this is way better for you.
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You are a keeper! THANK YOU for this generous support. At this level, YOU can be a member of the official WTS Explorers Club! We'll email you about show ideas, provide the occasional sneak peak into what we're working on, and offer shout-outs to various members of the club in the show. Additionally, you'll get to share your opinions on some sweet swag we've got coming in 2016. (And get first dibs!) Lastly, of course, you will also have access to the Patreon-only feed for WTS.
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You are an explorer of a high order, and we THANK YOU. You get all of the above, plus you’ll be in the “random surprise” group. We will email you random surprises every once in awhile -- this could be in the form of audio messages, random behind-the-scenes pics that won’t be shared anywhere else, or words of wisdom. And (if you want) Brett is going to get your address so he can send you postcards from the road. He is a big believer that postcards are a lost art.
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The Explorer Inner Circle. You are making a huge difference. THANK YOU! You clearly really want to support us and believe in what we are doing. For that, you get all of the above, and you become a part of the WTS team. We will use this group to bounce ideas off and brainstorm. You will be able to directly influence episodes of the show, and both Nick & Brett will personal thank you 1 on 1. If they are in your city, you’ll grab a coffee. If not, you’ll talk by Skype or Phone.