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About Whimsy & Artifice

Welcome to the Imagimansion! We are Whimsy & Artifice, a creative hub for the fantastic, the interactive, and the nostalgic.

Who Are We?

  • Aly Grauer is the Whimsy. She has published several short fiction pieces, and she published her first novel, "On The Isle of Sound and Wonder," in 2014 and re-released it in 2020. She dabbles in voice acting and audiobooks from time to time. Her game "Sidewalkia!" was a winner of the 2018 200 Word RPG Challenge, and her game "Break Room" appears in The Ultimate Micro RPG Book. Aly also teaches dialect lessons and would love to help coach you, your actual play podcast team, or your next audio drama production! She is the podcast producer for The Write Mindset, Apex Magazine, and Skyjacks: Courier's Call.
  • Drew Mierzejewski is the Artifice. A longtime GM, Drew has explored many different tabletop RPG settings and systems, but is always looking for more. Drew's game "Happily Ever Maybe" was a finalist in the 2017 200 Word RPG Challenge, and his game "Gnomesteaders" appears in The Ultimate Micro RPG Book. He is always building new games and game-materials, and loves to collaborate with other game creators. He occasionally contributes as a freelancer for Shadowrun. He holds an MFA from Northern Illinois University in Acting, and coaches Acting for Roleplayers as well as consults with creators on worldbuilding for their games, fiction, and other mediums. He is the showrunner/GM for Skyjacks: Courier's Call.

What Are We Doing?

Currently, Aly writes a lot of fiction both short and long form, edits audio for podcasts, and creates cosplays. Drew is constantly creating homebrew materials for D&D and other game systems as well as worldbuilding future ttrpg and actual play projects. We have a number of audio drama/comedy projects in varying stages of completion. Some of these are Warda-related, some are new and original stories and ideas.

Our first big original (podcast/fiction/audio/ttrpg) project Warda is currently on hiatus, but there is PLENTY of backlog to listen to, read, and experience... and we fully intend to return to it in fiction, audio, and gameplay in the future. <3

Other past projects include: Worldforging (Brightfog), Solar Lineers, DND20 Public Radio, The Night's Rewatch, Disney Odyssey, Uku-Tuesdays, and more! Find it all in the archives here on Patreon!

What Are Our Goals with Patreon?

Patreon is a way for people to directly contribute to our creative pursuits AND directly influence the choices we make in storytelling, structure, and future outcomes. This is true of our multimedia creation Warda as well as other projects we plan to introduce over time, such as Worldforging, new fiction, audio dramas, RPG game hacks, and pop culture commentary.

By jumping in here to help us create and produce, you will be making a massive difference in both the outcome of these projects and directly to our real life - so for that, we thank you!

With many thanks and much love,

Aly & Drew

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