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I love making ASMR videos for everyone to enjoy. Currently my videos are made using a video camera for both audio and visual, however this is far from ideal. With your support I hope to get a better microphone so that I can make better videos for you to enjoy.  Additional uses include purchasing trigger inducing items, potential costumes or props for roleplays, and much more.

I have chosen not have an rewards for donations at this time. I am doing this because I want everything tingling that I create to be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

I want to be very clear that even if I have no patrons all videos will remain completely free.  Please don't feel for any reason that you are by any means required to become a patron.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope that you have a tingle filled day. =)
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I would love to get a new microphone to help with tingly content creation.
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