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Welcome to Wick Media Productions. My goal is to cut through the noise of the mainstream media and bring the facts to people who want real answers in real time. I have commenced a steady stream of information and analysis since completing my work with the Trump Campaign. I have used Twitter @Gingrich_of_PA and Periscope @Gingrich_of_PA under the user name of John Wick of Politics to keep my followers informed on all points of interests. We became Dixie Cup Nation.

Together we took on the biased and alarmist media and "correct the record" trolls who sought to sow panic and discontentment among Trump supporters after the election. First, we countered the recount rumors in four states with facts. In each state, in each court case, Dixie Cup Nation was proven right every time. When they flared up conspiracies with the Electoral College process, we countered with facts. Again, we were vindicated in every instance. Being right was not just a priority for me, but an absolute necessity. I take great pride in utilizing my extensive network and experience in building this record of trust. With your modest investment, I will continue to grow Wick Media Productions into an interactive website to house in-depth articles and video analysis.

The heart and soul of Dixie Cup Nation will always be my followers and contributors. Those who value the virtue of being informed and being right, will join those already proudly part of our movement. Our movement uses the momentum and ideals started by the Trump phenomenon: The realization that America has slipped into disrepair and has a fundamental distrust in established media sources. My work and my efforts exist to counter that disrepair by backing the Trump agenda items that will rebuild our nation, and by continuing to counter-weight the skewed mainstream media.

To my loyal followers who are contributing to grow our movement, thank you so much. To those finding us for the first time and looking to join us, I humbly welcome you and thank you for the trust.

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