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We'll shout our thanks at you on the show during a special "Patreon Support" segment! PLUS you'll get access to WT After Show and Ed Bonds With Bill Episodes (see post)!

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We'll shout our thanks at you on the show and you'll get access to WT After Show Episodes!
  • PLUS: you'll get full access to our monthly Patreon Exclusive Episodes available only to supporters!
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  • We'll shout our thanks at you on the show!
  • Access to WT After Show Episodes!
  • Access to Patreon Exclusive episodes!
  • PLUS: We'll send you a Friend Of Show pack! Includes WTP stickers & promo cards and a "quick note" from the show!




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About Wicked Theory


 Sure, you could dismiss our content as just more geek news comedy pontificating, but we'd much rather you listen to us first. Then, by all means, you can cast us aside as if we were one of your relatives from THAT side of the family. Or you can stick around, become enthralled by our true talents (whatever those might be) and fall obsessively in love with us, as we deliver weekly episodes designed to inform, entertain and amuse you.*

You can also go one step further and actively support our endeavors and grander machinations.

 Look, we won't mince words, most of our content is obviously just thinly veiled attempts to subliminally brainwash you into blank-eyed servitude so we can complete an evil master plan 3,000 years in the making. (Need proof? ...How do you think you wound up on his page?)

But, truth is, we just can't do it without you.

So, this Patreon is the next phase of us becoming an unstoppable force in the universe, because, hey, Intergalactic Domination isn't cheap, y'know? For now, we're focusing on podcasting, and soon youtube videos, because it's soooo much cheaper than starting up a space armada outright. Also, we figured a podcast or two would make a great cover story by which to raise funding. Hell, they're not even regulated!


 Of course, since most of you who are here are under our control already, we could just MAKE you give us money, obviously, but we are nothing, if not benevolent and generous overlords. Should you "choose" to support us, not only will you be serving The Grand Machination**, but in return for said funds we offer you special, highly-addictive enticements, as rewards for supporting our ongoing efforts.

The basis of this barter is simple: the more you give to us, the more we shall give to you.

  • Even $1 of support means a lot to us (it all adds up!) and for that we'll shout our thanks to you on air and give you access to The Wicked Theory After Show! That's the bonus time after the live show that we used to throw away every week!
  • All supporters from the $3 level on up, will have full access to Patreon Exclusive Episodes free of subliminal messaging!
  • Some will receive stickers to adorn themselves or objects, signifying their allegiance to our cause!
  • Others will "choose" to receive a branded mug from which they can drink unholy elixirs (or coffee) while proudly announcing to co-workers "Look at me, I'm part of a thing."
  • Some of you will have themselves immortalized in song!
  • A limited few can even request original art of their choosing created by one of our mid-level field leaders!
  • Still others, will be able to influence our activities by suggesting content and perhaps even appearing on one of our recordings!
See? That's benevolence! Even our listed Goals are designed to benefit you: each time we achieve one, you will receive extra doses of amusement. Are we not the snazziest?

In closing we'd just like to say, yes, your support is likely a byproduct of our reprogramming your brain to serve the greater good, but we thank you for it anyway. Any offering you can afford to give is greatly appreciated, and you can rest assured that The Grand Machination will succeed because of your contributions.

We Thank You Very Much

*Your results may vary.
**Long story, don't ask.
$18.27 of $75 per month
This would fully support our THREE shows (Wicked Theory Podcast, Preacher Vs Preacher and The DC TV Report) and start to help us save towards upgrading some basic equipment. So, to entice you to help us reach this goal, when we get this level, we will do a ROAST episode! (As of now ONLY BILL has agreed to this ...and only your support can make it happen.)
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