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About Jimi

Name? Jimi. I’m a traveling glassblower from Santa Cruz, Ca. After 6yrs fulltime traveling the ambiguous 49 states, 13 countries, I finally opened a private studio in St. Pete, FL called Atlantis. I said why not after homebasing it the last 3 winters.
What do I make? I currently  specialize in creating lampworked glass pieces I call Krakens, a metaphor while living that nomadic lifestyle. Mimicing our fav 8 legged 🐙 friends. I try to inspire others to do what they love tegardless of compensation, just like others have supported me. Im from a beach town located near the heart of Silicon Valley. I witnessed many tied to imanginary lines, called social expectations.
Why Patreon? I’m attempting yet another way to keep track of all the amazing people I’ve met over the years,  as the future.  
What will I post? I’m pretty random. I support two ocean charities but I’ll use Instagram for that. Here mostly travel, travel tips, glass video tutorials, glass biz tips,  monthly giveaways, Patreons will get priority to available glass. First look at collabs creations in progress and finished. Basically a way to be more intimate with my wicked crew. I spend way to much time with passerbys on social media. This page will weed them out. :)
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