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is creating Widdershins, a webcomic

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About Kate Ashwin

About the comic

Widdershins is a series of adventure stories about a magical version of Victorian England, featuring the exploits of chain-smoking bounty hunters, failed magicians, time-travelling bakers, and much more. It can all be read for free online here, starting with the first page here.

It updates twice a week, in full colour, and the whole archive will always be free to read!

About the funding
I'm lucky enough to be a full-time-webcomic-person-lady, making my income through selling Widdershins books and other merchandise, touring at conventions, advertising income, and occasional freelancing. 

I'll always be updating multiple times a week, as I have done with very few exceptions since the comic began at the end of 2011, which is why I'm seeking funding per month. The funds I get from
Patreon allow me to keep up this schedule, and there's a few dozen pages of concept art and exclusive extra sketches up on here for you to see if you choose to back at the $3 a month level. There's also a Patrons-only Discord server, with access available at all tiers.

About me
Hello! My name is Kate, and I've been putting comics on the internet for a very long time now. Besides Widdershins, I used to run a fantasy comic called Darken, which is also online for free, forever, because webcomics are great like that! I live in the North of England where I make comics all day and sometimes stop to tweet about my cats.

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