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An adventure comic set in a magical version of Victorian England!

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West Yorkshire, UK

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About the comic

Widdershins is a series of adventure stories about a magical version of Victorian England, featuring the exploits of chain-smoking bounty hunters, failed magicians, time-travelling bakers, and much more. It can all be read for free online here, starting with the first page here.

It updates twice a week, in full colour, and the whole archive will always be free to read!

About the funding
I'm lucky enough to be a full-time-webcomic-person-lady, making my income through selling Widdershins books and other merchandise, touring at conventions, advertising income, and occasional freelancing. 

What I'd like to do with this campaign is to replace some of the adverts on the site with fully-curated ads via Project Wonderful, which means no more audio ads, video ads, popping up ads, or anything awful like that ever again, something I can't fully control with the better paying yet looser ad serving system I currently use. I'll be vetting every ad by hand, and they'll mostly end up as ads for other webcomics, and other fun pursuits like games and such. Basically, I'm out to make the site a better experience for the reader, and maybe make the comic itself better too!

I'll always be updating multiple times a week, as I have done with very few exceptions since the comic began at the end of 2011, which is why I'm seeking funding per month.

About me
Hello! My name is Kate, and I've been putting comics on the internet for a very long time now. Besides Widdershins, I used to run a fantasy comic called Darken, which is also online for free, forever, because webcomics are great like that! I live in the North of England where I make comics all day and sometimes stop to tweet about my cats.
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