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By sending me $1, you are officially part of the WildKeys gang, and get to join the official WildKeys Discord server. You also get your name on screen at the end of every video.

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By sending me $5, you get a personal thank you video from me each month. You can also send me a script to say whatever you want me to say.

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By sending me $10, you can suggest a video idea, and be entered into a raffle for the chance for that video to be made.




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About WildKeys

Hi I am WildKeys. Along with my extremely attractive and manly editor Aidan, I make videos on whatever the heck I please. These types of videos would be reviews, vlogs with friends, or just general ramblings at my camera. So basically I am poor now and really need extra money to help live a bit more of a comfortable life than what I'm gonna be living for the next two or so years so really anything helps. Sorry for being kinda straight forward with that but that's just how it be really.

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