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After dedicating the past 20 years to studying, researching, teaching and testing methods of survival in different environments throughout the world, I decided to share these skills online.  Wilderness Survival and Indigenous Skills are my passion-- and what I spend the majority of my free time doing and thinking about.  While overly dramatized, negative and fake TV shows have been created around the subject, the videos I am creating are designed to show how incredible living off the land is--if you know what you're doing.  While I would love to do nothing else but fly back to the Amazon to hunt with my 'tribal' Huaorani friends, or film the pottery techniques of the Tarahumara Indians, making these videos takes time--and the travel can be expensive. This has limited how much I can create.  If you like what Im doing, and feel like its worth pitching in, Im more then happy to make more.  If this gets rolling, I hope to get to a place where I create instructional videos just for my Patreon contributors.  Thank you for your contribution...hopefully I'll have Australia outback, California and the Amazon on deck in future videos, along with bow making, pottery, wigwam shelters and much, much more!
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When I reach 5000 Patrons, I will release a private video for all contributors demonstrating survival skills in a new environment.
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