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is creating Heirloom quality textiles and studying the history of fabrics
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•A copy of a hand typed letter with an update of my progress in school and reflections of weaving and what I’m learning. 

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•A special select seasonal notion or handmade object of my fancy. Possibilities include handmade buttons, crocheted lace ornaments, handspun yarn, or hand dyed hankies.

•A monthly copy of a hand typed letter with an update of my progress in school and reflections on weaving and what I’m learning.

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•A monthly selection of handwoven household linens made from natural fibers. A rotation of napkins, hand towels, placemats, and hankies where you’ll truly feel and see the progress of my weaving.

•A monthly copy of a hand typed letter with an update of my progress in school and reflections on weaving and what I’m learning.




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About Wild Bergamot Hand Crafts

Hi my name is Miranda Heidler and i am the creator behind Wild Bergamot Handcrafts. From a young age i have found deep satisfaction in creating things with my hands. That path has lead me through many different mediums and aesthetics but has remained a constant focus in my life. In 2006 i spun yarn out of sheep's wool for the first time and it immediately felt like coming home. Since then i have spun many many miles and have ventured into any fibery thing i can get my hands on. I have striven to follow passions and interests that fill my life with connection and gratitude. Each new skill has built upon the next, awakening my hands’ memories to ancestors and all they created.
     In 2005 i found the earth skills community and first saw the mountains and lushness of southern Appalachia. Since living here i have found myself very fortunate to be among many inspired and highly knowledgeable individuals who are eager to share their skills and their spark. From them and with the help of many great books and long walks in the woods i have learned the great arts of hide tanning, yarn spinning, roadkill animal butchery and meat making, wild plant identification and relationships, food foraging, medicine making, fabric and basket weaving. Each skill has been like a thread anchoring me into my life and the lives of those around me.
     In 2010 i took a workshop on Continuous-string heddle Backstrap loom weaving, which is a very old and portable type of weaving used to make fabric all over the world and throughout time. Since then i have taken a deep plunge down the weaving rabbit hole and have moved from that simple backstrap loom to an antique salesman sample table loom to floor looms. Except for a couple workshops i am primarily self taught. Though i have learned much from books and personal trial and error i have craved to find more focus and structure in my learning. 
     For years i have been supporting myself by working on local organic farms, as a Barista in a local coffee shop, teaching and spreading textile skills at various events all over the Southeast, and selling my wares at craft shows and local gatherings. To me making a sharing my craft is the most gratifying and supportive work that i can imagine, and is one that i am privileged to continue to delve deeper into.
       In 2019 i am taking big steps to invest in my craft and knowledge of weaving. I have enjoyed being self taught but i also have longed to further my education. That is why this year i am enrolled to start study at the Haywood Community Colleges Professional Crafts Program for Weaving. This is a full time Associates Two year program. I never attended college or a full time educational program and have been looking forward to this opportunity to learn what i am passionate about and be in a community of other learners. 
       I am setting up this page as a platform to engage friends and family with my journey through school and find alternative means of financial support. My hope is that i can share what i am learning with you, keep you updated on my progress and new inspirations. Your monthly patronage will go to help financially support myself while i focus on my education and honing my vision for what direction weaving might take me in the future. 

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