William Black

is creating Hard SF Art: Visualizations & Spacecraft Based On Real Science
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About William Black

I’m an artist and creating art informed with realism is my passion. Science, science fiction, aerospace design, and a firm belief that humanity has the capacity to dare great things on the road to an amazing future, are a few of the things which come together in my work. I have a lifelong interest in manned spaceflight and space colonization, and I firmly believe that mankind will, over the course of many hundreds of years, build a solar system spanning industrial technological civilization, and perhaps one day we will reach for the stars. I believe these things are in our nature.

I build 3D models, visualization of space colonies, planetary settlements, in-space infrastructure such as propellant depots and manufacturing stations, as well as, what I am probably most well known for, spacecraft real and proposed, often based on NASA technical memoranda. I research and apply what I learn to recreations of proposed but never flown concept spacecraft and to somewhat more evolved science fictional spacecraft of my own design, and to concepts put forward by authors of the science fiction I enjoy.

You can view my gallery on deviantArt at William-Black.

Why you should pledge.

I love SF, aerospace concept art, and I love creating art, and I’d like to keep bringing you the very best art I can create. Research takes time and money, maintaining my technology, the computer and software I use to create my art, and my premium membership on deviantArt, which allows my many subfolder galleries, also costs.

What you get.

Artwork: Full resolution and full size copies of the art I create, and permission to display my art* on your website, blog, or social media page so long as I am credited and a link is provided back to my deviantArt or my Patreon page. *Non commercial use only, see my deviantArt page for my commercial illustration rates. The artwork I produce includes both beautiful visualizations and labeled diagrams.

Updates: regular reports on what I am creating, works-in-progress images, my thoughts and notes on whatever project is currently in process.

In the near future I intend to foray into animations and open a 3D model store where I will offer digital 3D models for sale, these will include everything from pieces and parts suitable for kit-bashing (propulsion systems, spacecraft truss, landing gear, habitat or other specialized modules) to full high detail spacecraft and these will be included as option in my patreon rewards.

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