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is creating a healthier world for ALL via cruelty-free, plant-based living.

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1 Dollar Farm Friend

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You will frequently hear us say "every dollar counts" - and we stand behind that statement. 1 dollar contributes to medical care. 1 dollar contributes to feed and fresh produce. While it may not buy the whole, added to other contributions, 1 dollar adds up.

5 Dollar Farm Friends

per month

Committing to 5$ a month is committing to assisting in the care and well-being of our current residents. We continually have to fix fence and shelters for the animals, buy feed, buy fresh produce, and provide vet care (when sick and for regular health checks). 

To receive the window cling, we are asking for your mailing address upon subscription.

10 Dollar Farm Friends

per month

10$ a month may not seem like much, but its a bail of hay, a lot of fresh produce (especially carrots and bananas which are farm favorites), and the cost over-the-counter medications that are used to maintain good health (think dewormers). At 10$ a month, you are helping to guarantee health checks and emergency care for all the residents.

And of course, every tier helps us plan our budget, not only for the residents that currently live with us BUT planning how to expand and bring new residents to the farm.

NOTE: We ask for your mailing address on subscription in order to mail the window cling.




Willowbrook Farms Animal Sanctuary (WFAS) is dedicating to living and promoting a cruelty-free life through plant-based eating. The farmed animals that reside with us are allowed to live their fullest and happiest life without human exploitation or neglect.

Donations raised via Patreon will be used to not only assist in the care of our residents, but it will allow us to plan for future residents to join the farm. While a small farm sanctuary in the middle of rural Indiana doesn't seem like it would do much for the handful of animals we care for - we are changing the lives of each and every resident. And that matters to them. It matters to us.

Alongside providing the best life for our residents, we strive to educate humans about the horrific nature of the animal industry AND the positive the benefits of living a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle. We are living examples of improved health and well-being, of what living a life of grace and mercy can do for our own lives AND the lives of animals.

I think its important to note that WFAS isn't a big operation. We currently house 1 donkey, 1 turkey, 1 pig, 6 chickens, and a 31 yr old box turtle! As for the humans of WFAS, we are a small family of 4 that took my dream to reality. I continue to work outside the home to help pay for the needs of the farm while my husband stays home, unpaid, as the primary farm manager. Our kids, age 18 and 20, do have their own lives BUT they do help with work around the farm, enjoying the "job" of loving on the animals more than anything. We hope to be big enough one day to have volunteers and paid positions - but we are no where near that. 

Thank you so much for reading our Patreon page. I do hope you choose to help us continue to provide for our current residents and grow to help others by joining one of our Patreon tiers.

Thank you and God bless.
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When we have $300 per month in donations, we will purchase a larger run-in shelter and bring Susie to the farm!
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