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  • Monthly desktop wallpapers
  • Monthly Tip or Goal to achieve the greatest health possible 
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  • Updates on my Audiovisual Immersive Performances & Installations
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Get the highest-quality versions of my work.

  • High-quality song (mp3) downloads + Streams of New Tracks
  • Monthly desktop wallpapers
  • Monthly Tip or Goal to achieve the greatest health possible 
  • Updates on my Creative Technology Research & Development
  • Updates on my Audiovisual Immersive Performances & Installations
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New Artwork generated by body movements & sound as a cool poster.




"Thank you  for making it to the WILLPOWER STUDIOS Patreon page ! 
I am Willpower LifeForce. An Universal Being. 
I create worlds to take our imagination to new places of joy and wonder, so that we then take it back into our lives and apply it within society to live with harmony, happiness, balance and sustainability. 
What I am creating is magical and I would love your support !
I am an Artist combining many disciplines into one: 
Visuals Arts, Creative Coding, Performing, Interactivity in Spaces, ElektroHipHop Albums (fully done by myself from writing to recording, mixing, cover art and all of it), Fashion, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Nutrition, Meditation, Spirituality, Well-Being, Sacred Geometry, Chakras, Mudras, Living From The Heart, Arts & Crafts. 
Please join my Patreon to support me as an Independent Artist & more... become part of Worlds of Wonder to Wander.
You can choose how much you want to support monthly !
In return, you receive rewards !!"


So what will you be supporting by subscribing to my Patreon for your rewards ?


Watch Videos to View my Work:

YOU ARE THE ONE | Immersive Audiovisual Performance:

1. A large studio space to rehearse.
2. Marketing / PR to get bookings


The Willpower Theremin | An Audiovisual Instrument
Here is the first version of the instrument I am building. I am using 2 infrared sensors to detect distance. Based on how far my hands are to the sensor, the amplitude and frequency of an oscillator are controlled, generating sound. At the same time, I am controlling the location and color of a circle on a screen.
I am creating this tool for Live Performances, Interactive Installations and potentially as a product for the masses.

I am developing this instrument by myself, independently which is why I need your support. I don't have investors because I rather involve you in the process and not have others dictate the future of my inventions.
Please watch the 1st Version in action:


Reel: A collection of Performances & Installations. 
All created via Custom Software I wrote.


Brewery Art Walk | Immersive Interactive Installation
People are controlling the visuals in the environment via their voice and body movements
Created via Custom Software I wrote


Merkaba Activation | Sound Reactive Installation 


The type of Interactive Software I am developing for Installations:


Retail Experience where we see the inside of the shop from the outside, but slightly altered... to say the least.


The Unda | Sound & Body Reactive Light Structure


Research & Development Examples

First Version of the Willpower Theremin


Building Structures: A Cuboctahedron


Visuals Reacting to Sound for Live Show


Testing Projection Light on Quartz Pyramid



Bookings & Inquiries, please send message via one of the social media platforms below 📲
or Email: creation[at]willpowerstudios.com 📩

The Creation of Worlds: http://WillpowerStudios.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/willpowerstudios
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willpowerstudios/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillpowerStudios
Twitter: https://twitter.com/willpowerstudio
Medium: https://medium.com/@WillpowerStudios
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/CreativeCodingLA/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/WillpowerStudio/
Tumblr: http://willpowerlifeforce.com/
Newsletter: http://willpowerstudios.us2.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=a938b14fc35411d305eebfc9f&id=51b5411ac6
vimeo: https://vimeo.com/willpowerstudios


CreativeCodingLA is a meetup I organize to gather a community of independent thinkers who use code as a form of expression. It's what I do and I want to collaborate, learn & share with others who have a similar passion. 
Join the meetup here: 
Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/CreativeCodingLA/

Here is a video of one of the meetups, where 2 great minds explain Shaders: 

The Next Step: 
To give Workshops on Creative Coding.

I need to fund marketing campaigns to reach people and develop the business.
If I get enough subscribers, I can give these workshops for free. 
Until then, I have to charge prices that reflect the current state of the economy.
If I can do them without charging thanks to your monthly subscription, they can be available online for free to anyone with an internet connection who wants to learn how to code as a form of expression and creation.


2. RHYTHMIK FLOW is my clothing brand. The Visuals are created via custom software / apps that I write. I started doing my own ads, but I need a Marketing / PR / Advertising budget to create strategically effective campaigns to generate sales & brand awareness.


The Showroom (  http://rhythmikflow.com )


Showroom:  http://RhythmikFlow.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhythmikflow/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rhythmik-Flow-1497044080545290/?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhythmikflow



Sharing my lifestyle

A. Calisthenics / Body Movement / Yoga

B. Spirituality (Living In The Heart, Meditation, Soul Purpose, Channeling Higher Dimensions, Deep Breathing, Mudras...) 


C. Healing
(Becoming one's own Doctor, Physician, Dermatologist, Oculist, Dentist, Shield EMRs (Electro-Magnetic Radiation, etc...)



Lifestyle:  http://UniverseAwaken.com
Instagram: https://instragram.com/willpowerawaken 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniverseAwaken
Twitter: https://twitter.com/universeawaken



Willpower LifeForce creates every aspect of the music by playing the sounds, making the music, recording himself, writing the lyrics, mixing, creating the artwork and music videos (Directing / Editing / Shooting). Here is the music video for 'GOD BODY' from his album 'UNIVERSAL BEINGS' 3 Projectors were used. It was done in Paris, France.

Music Video for track 'GOD BODY'




Site: http://Willpower-Music.com
Bandcamp: http://JediWillpower.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/willpower
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willpowermusicnow/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WillpowerMusicNow/


How is your subscription funding the work of 'Will' as an Independent Artist, Researcher, Creative Technologist, Spiritualist ?

1. Societal SurThrival



2. Research

77% of the work focuses on Research & Development.
Willpower’s creations bring mind altering, heart opening experiences through Immersive Audiovisual Performances & Installations.
He researches how to touch people’s heart and emotions through Audio and Animation in an Immersive context, using projectors to create ‘Worlds of Wonder to Wander’ to awaken the unconscious mind’s imagination and creativity into the forefront of our consciousness to take it back into our lives and transform our environment. It makes us realize that we are the creators of our lives, thus igniting the Passion in our Heart to live a Fantastical life full of Magic.
The topic of Spirituality drives the content for the work to connect us with who we are beyond our physical body and mind.
Unity: Creating experiential events connects people together as they live something amazing together. Those who would never talk to one another start having discussions because of the context.

These experiences merge 2 different approaches:
  1. Linear Storytelling with synchronized Audio & Animation.
  2. Body movements, Sound and Human Activity effects / creates the Immersive Audiovisual journey.
What is needed?
A Large Space + Equipment to develop the research for the people to experience.

  1. Creative Coding > Things I am learning
Video Capture
OpenCV — Face Tracking for projection mapping / Art Reacting to Body Movements
Arduino — Hardware + Software Engineering to discover something I cannot foresee yet
Developing Audiovisual Instrument to translate the Human Body’s movements into Sound and Visual Animations
Audio — Creating sounds to be created by sensor data (body movements / touch)
Visuals / Animations created by sensor data (body movements / touch / sound)
DMX Lighting
Particle Systems
Wireless Communication
GUIs for Art Making Apps I use to create all my work 


    2. Projections / LEDs / Structures

Testing ways to use lights in innovative ways
Exploring how to make large scale immersive projections / LED’s outdoors to involve the natural elements of the Earth
Solar Power / Generators
Building Physical Structures to create environments.  


    3. Spirituality


3. Development

  • OpenFrameworks
  • GLSL / Shaders
  • Arduino 
Hardware Engineering
  • Arduino / Raspberry PI
3D Printing for wearables
Fashion Design for wearables
Projection Tests with different Lights on different surfaces:
  • Plexiglass
  • Fabric
Wearable Body Sensor Suit for Audiovisual Immersive Performances
Sensors in Spaces to trigger Immersive Audiovisual Reactions
Linear Immersive Audiovisual Performances / Installations
Interactive Real-Time Audiovisual Immersive Performances / Installations


CreativeCodingLA Meetup
I started this meetup to gather Creative Coders… those you use code and technology for means of expression.


4. Business

Marketing / PR 
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Team
Assistants to document the process for Social Media + other coders / makers / builders to help manifest amazing ideas to life


5. Equipment


A lot of expensive equipment is needed for me to create amazing spatial experiences.
This is another reason why your subscription is highly important for me bring this work to the world.  

- Projectors 
- Cables
- Adapters
- Lazers
- Lights
- Electronics 
- and More... 



0% complete
- Immersive Interactive Audiovisual Performances and Installations. You can come experience them in person or watch their live streams.
- Monthly CreativeCodingLA Meetups
- Research & Development of new AudioVisual Software & Hardware 
- Lifestyle videos about: Spirituality / Nutrition / Chakras / Sacred Geometry and more
- New Music 
- Photos / Posts with perspectives & ways of living a healthy balanced lifestyle while in urbanism
- New Collections
- New Discoveries about my Research involving Sacred Geometry, Energy, Spirituality and Nutrition

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