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Copper Wind Chimes

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Every little bit counts! Show your support for my work and get recognition in the form of your name in the game credits!

  • Option to add your name to the credits section of the game
    • Note: You must be a Patron in the month of the game release to get this benefit! If you fail to respond to my messages asking for your desired name in credits, then I'll assume you don't want your name in the credits.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

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Are you an impatient soul (like me) and want to get sneak peeks of future game content? Want to witness the suffering of an overworked game developer first-handed? If so, you might like these rewards!

  • All rewards from the previous tiers
  • Exclusive sneak peeks
  • Access to the Patrons-only channels in the Wind Chimes Games Discord server, where you can ask me questions and get faster replies, see random screenshots and previews, and listen to me ramble about my development work
    • Note: You will be subject to the rules of conduct of the Discord server upon joining. If you violate the server rules, you may still be kicked from the server, so you will no longer receive this reward, and your pledge will not be refunded
Includes Discord benefits

Shell Wind Chimes

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Want to see more previews? Now you can get script snippets (small excerpts from the game script) every month!

You can also vote in occasional Patron-exclusive polls that will influence in-game content! Have a say in decisions like character names / designs, mini-scene ideas, and more!

  • All rewards from the previous tiers
  • Exclusive script snippet preview (monthly)
  • Vote in polls affecting game content and decisions
Includes Discord benefits



About Wind Chimes Games

Warning: This Patreon is set to "charge up-front". This means when you pledge for the very first time, you will be charged immediately, then it will go back to charging you on the 1st of every month afterwards. Please read this page for more information.


Wind Chimes Games is an indie game development studio that currently focuses on making visual novels and interactive fiction. It was founded in 2018 by me, Windchimes, a small writer with a not-so-small dream. Since it is a studio consisting of only one member, I decided coming up with a fancy business name is too hard and named the studio after my usual pen name — a decision I sometimes regret because now my pen name looks weird without a space.

I strive to create engaging narrative adventures with intriguing plots, well-rounded lovable characters and heart-pounding romances. Oh, with just a dash of tear-jerking angst, of course. ;D


Reanimation Scheme - GxB | GxG | Otome, Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy

Reanimation Scheme is a romance visual novel with necromancy, love, life and death as its central themes, woven together in a carefully crafted tale about discovering long-buried secrets — and yourself.

Step into the shoes of the necromancer, Raenelle, whose wish for a break from work was granted in the most unexpected way possible — the sudden disappearance of the spirits of the deceased. Meet a colorful cast of characters, fail to summon the spirits of the dead, unravel mysteries, and maybe — just maybe — fall in love.

Why Patreon?

Visual novel development is an expensive endeavor when your only talent lies in writing and programming. There is so much that needs to be commissioned, such as character art, CGs, backgrounds, GUI, logos, music, etc. The costs add up quickly and result in a lot of financial burden for me, and I need to do part-time jobs and commissions on the side to get money for hiring artists for these games, delaying the completion time of the games.

Still, my dream is to become a full time game developer, so I don't want to give up just because of financial costs. Therefore, I'm now turning to Patreon, hoping to get support from some of my amazing fans to help out with the costs of creating a quality visual novel.
30% complete
What an awesome start to this Patreon! Thank you so much!

To celebrate our little growing Patron community, I'll add a new reward to Tier Two ($5) and above:
  • Excerpts of early drafts of the script or deleted scenes
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