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Hey gang. 
This is the entry Level, Wine Cellar Media Tier. 
Hey gang. 

New Long Form episodes that get produced after 2021 will be going to this tier.  Our more popular episodes among listeners and viewers will be at the Phoenix And William Show Tier. 

Mr. William's LaborHood

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Hey gang. 
I finally pulled the trigger and changed my largest social media page to the new branding and programming.  

I have a Tik Tok by this name where the short stuff has already been going. 

I have a Youtube by this name where some slightly longer content has been going.  

I also changed the 10 year old free podcast feed to this name and branding. 

Phoenix Calida is as busy as she can be within the confines of chronic pain and disability.  We can't keep trying to have her podcasting as much as me.  

This tier will have my carefully produced, solo work including the Hip Hop. 
It's been time to pick up the mic full time again and long term supporters know I've always dabbled. 

I am 10 years in on podcasting and thank you for helping me do 10 more. 

The Phoenix And William Show

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Hey gang. 
This is our next tier up. 
When we do our film reviews, they'll go here. Book Clubbing will be transferred here. 

As we move through 2021, we'll also be removing older archives from the public feed and saving everything here. 



About Wine Cellar Media

Hey gang.
This is the Wine Cellar Patreon.

Maybe you came here because you heard Phoenix Calida talking about sex workers rights on a SWOPcast clip.
Maybe you heard Chelsey Sprengeler and Eric Hudson talking social/political revolution on Talk FURIE.
Maybe you heard some wild ass White On White Crime story we covered or you already check out the regular podcast feed and you wanted to see what was going on here.

No matter why you're here, thank you for stopping by.
Check out the programming that is all public with no paywall and taken care of by Patreon subscribers and folks that hit up the tip jars at , @WineCellarMedia on the Venmo and $PhoenixCalida on the CashApp.
The support for the programming is great but I still have to work a factory gig to live and get by.
If the support gets to a point of 2,500 a month (or even near it), I can leave the factory really do this full time which would be ridiculous.

Until then, I'll keep coming through with what I can come through with in between shifts and those rare moments of having a day off.
If support stays the way it is, even without an increase, we might be able to add another weekly show in the spring next year.
I don't have my eye on any particular host yet but I'm watching a lot of people closely to see whom I'd like to make an offer to.
Thank you.

29% complete
Thanks to you folks, we hit our goal to get Phoenix out of that abusive office job and into the Wine Cellar full time earlier than planned. 

And more importantly, sustain it. 
Now she's even on the board of a local SWOP chapter being the activist she wants and needs to be. 

This new and more steep goal is to get William on a lighter schedule in the factory.  4 days a week at 32 hours.  No more weekends. No more overtime. 

This will have us both here more to do a great deal of Wine Cellar work and William can assist Phoenix when needed with her activist work. 

We won't get there fast and it won't be easy

But as marginalized people and supporters, we knew that already. 

Let's do this. 

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