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About WingSongHalo

Hi, I'm Wing!
I like to write things, draw things, and read bad fanfiction (and good fanfiction, but for different reasons). Nothing gives me greater joy than having something I've created make another person happy, whether it's a story I've written, a picture I've doodled, or a recording of me reading the worst Harry Potter fanfiction I've ever encountered with at least 5 goofy voices. Frankly, I don't produce content on a schedule. I'm a very busy person trying to make a living doing whatever I can and mostly not being great at it. But I am going to keep being creative as long as I live, and I hope having this page up here will make that a little easier for me and maybe give other people some smiles and laughs in the process.
Thanks for reading this page! <3
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Haha this isn't realistic. If this happens I will literally buy a unicorn costume and wear it for three days in any situation.
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